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December 21, 2022, will mark the day of the Winter Solstice. There’s a particular silence to winter, the few birds nonetheless left are too busy making an attempt to remain alive to grace the air with many songs, and a muffle of snow hushes every little thing. It’s good to really feel nature’s energy now, regardless of all of our know-how, when a giant snowstorm hits, we’re immobilized and compelled to cease and wait. Winter makes a stillness in us that echoes the season.

Winter solstice marks the onset of winter and the darkest day of the 12 months. With the darkest day of the 12 months, nevertheless, we’ve got the cycle turning over to maneuver again towards the sunshine. It’s a reminder that as quickly as we hit our darkest level, there’s a gentle on the opposite facet. It’s no coincidence that this time of 12 months marks the celebration of sunshine by completely different spiritual traditions. On so many ranges, these traditions have a good time the solar and name it again by symbolism like candles, lights, fires, and lanterns. The imagery of our cultural winter vacation is straight from the Pagan previous, there was no snow in Bethlehem, and definitely no Christmas bushes. However our bones keep in mind the celebration of the dwelling inexperienced when all else is naked and bleak. The imagery of the Madonna and little one so clearly echoes the traditional goddess worshiping celebration of Xmas because the start of the Solar Little one out of the womb of the longest evening. 

After we take a look at the symbolism of this season, it’s a time of latest beginnings and the formulation of latest intentions. For as darkish as it’s, it’s a time of rebirth. It represents the time of the primary planted seed, which with the reward of the returning solar, will start to develop. It’s additionally no coincidence that New Yr’s vacation, so near the Winter Solstice, marks the time of the brand new 12 months and a time of setting intentions.

If you want to embrace the power of the Winter Solstice Do this brief observe at house:
On the night of the winter solstice after the solar has set, flip off all of the lights and meditate in a darkish room. In your meditation discover the darkness: How does it really feel? What does it signify for you? What are your associations with darkness in your life? Spend a while right here and spot what unfolds together with your consideration. Then, gentle a single candle and meditate on the sunshine. This can be a yogic meditation observe referred to as trataka. Let your gaze be gentle, your lids heavy, and focus your eyes on the sunshine of the candle. Once more, discover what your expertise is and the way you are feeling. Upon getting completed this observe, take out your journal and write your intentions for the approaching 12 months. You may even set intentions for the next time frames: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. These occasions mark the equinoxes and the solstices of the approaching 12 months and on these particular days help you examine again in together with your intentions and discover how your journey has unfolded up to now.



Historically, gem stones for this sabbat are Bloodstone, Garnet, and Ruby.  Sabbat gem stones will be worn as jewellery or the stone could also be positioned in your altar. Additionally, clear quartz (amplifier), Jet, citrine, inexperienced tourmaline, blue topaz, obsidian, pearl. 

Carnation, cedar, spruce, pine, rose, cinnamon, bayberry

Candles: crimson, inexperienced, white, gold, silver
Incense: bayberry, pine, cedar, cinnamon
Beautify the circle with holly, mistletoe, ivy, pine, pine cones, and a Xmas Log, and place ash twigs within the cauldron (to burn for prosperity).



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