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YOGA LIFTING  YOGA – Gokulam Astrology

YOGA LIFTING  YOGA – Gokulam Astrology



Yogas are discovered to be good and unhealthy qualities.

Some Yogas carry folks to the highest.

Some Yogas downgrade folks to the underside.

In a number of the delivery charts, there will probably be yogas however they won’t generate their energy liberally.

The Yoga Planet someday will increase its energy as a result of different Planets’ connections.

The Yoga Planet someday lower its energy as a result of different Planet’s connection.

Yoga Planet will probably be boosted by the opposite Planet which can be Yoga Planet posited home proprietor or possibly aspected by the opposite Yoga Planet from good locations.

However the Yoga Planet mustn’t have a hyperlink with the hidden homes or mustn’t have a hyperlink with Patak homes and its lords.

There are loads of struggles for the yoga Planet to behave freely.

We now see a number of the examples wherein Yoga Planets improve their energy from one other Yoga Planet.

Instance 1:

J.Jayalalitha former Chief Minister.

She was born with Gemini Lagna.

Venus is exalted within the tenth home which creates very good Malavya Yoga.

Jupiter is its personal home, within the seventh home that creates very good Hamsa Yoga.

Malavya Yoga was shaped in Pisces.

Pisces home lord Jupiter can also be in Hamsa Yoga.

Mercury and Venus are enemies.

However Jupiter must be in silent mode, due to, the Malavya yoga shaped in his personal home Pisces.

Malavya Yoga will get help from Jupiter

Malavya Yoga and Hamsa yoga mutually in Kenras improve their power.

Instance 2:

Amrish Lal Puri  Movie actor.

He was born with Most cancers Lagna.

Jupiter in Most cancers with exalted creates Hamsa Yoga.

Saturn in his personal home within the seventh home creates Sasa Yoga.

Moon in Capricorn with Saturn has managed Jupiter who has Hamsa Yoga.

So the Sasa Yoga with the assistance of the Moon boosted Jupiter.

Jupiter and Saturn mutually in Kendras strengthen the Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga

Instance 3:

Shyam Prasad Mukerjee

Founding father of Jan Sangh

He was born Leo Lagna.

Jupiter in Sagittarius in his personal home with Hamsa Yoga.

Saturn the sixth lord conjoined with Jupiter is just not favorable.

He has highly effective Hamsa Yoga and loved the Yoga advantages.

However he suffered lots throughout his and his loss of life is a thriller.

He died through the Mars Dasa Mars sub-period.

So Jupiter with Hamasa yoga helped lots and within the last days, Hamsa Yoga was in silent mode.

Yoga is highly effective. However when one other yoga has a connection to the yoga lord there will probably be extra highly effective yoga one will get.



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