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You Pulled the Queen of Swords – Now What?

You Pulled the Queen of Swords – Now What?


When you’ve got pulled the Queen of Swords in your studying, then put together for an vitality that’s sharp, sincere, mental, truthful, and cuts to the guts of the matter.

The Queen follows the Knight, and whereas the Knight of Swords additionally possesses the identical sharpness and wit, he has not but absolutely mastered his impulses. The Queen of Swords has. She takes this vitality, internalizes it, after which methodically applies it to life itself.

Whereas the King of Swords expresses the best type of the Swords swimsuit and has mastered its vitality, the Queen is extra delicate in the best way she expresses herself. The King’s vitality is on present for all to see. The Queen’s isn’t.

The Queen of Swords is thought for one attribute particularly: honesty.

There isn’t any beating across the bush with this Queen. She will get to the guts of it – emotions come second to the reality. That is how this Queen is; we wouldn’t need her some other means.

What Does the Queen of Swords Imply?

The Queen of Swords can have a number of meanings:

  • Sincere
  • Upfront
  • Avoids lies
  • Sharp
  • Astute
  • Sizes up a state of affairs or individual shortly
  • Acknowledges hidden motives
  • Will get to the guts of the matter
  • Easy
  • No-nonsense
  • Skilled
  • Isn’t self-righteous
  • Realist

What Does the Queen of Swords Imply in a Love & Relationship Studying?

In a relationship studying, the Queen of Swords brings honesty, forthrightness, and generally the painful reality.

If this card is pulled within the place of how somebody feels for you, it signifies that they really feel a must be open and sincere with you. They wish to lay all their playing cards on the desk and allow you to know what’s what.

If this card is pulled for the way somebody sees you, it means they see you as having the qualities that the Queen of Swords has. They see you as sincere, astute, sharp, and smart.

For what somebody desires to occur between you, this card signifies they need open and sincere communication between you. There isn’t any mincing with phrases. They wish to know the place they stand or to let you realize the place they stand.

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What Does the Queen of Swords Imply in a Profession Studying?

In a profession studying, the Queen of Swords signifies {that a} profession that harnesses your skills of notion and forthrightness is incoming.

This might be a customer-based function the place you take care of prospects or purchasers. The Queen of Swords can also be a superb indicator of a profession in legislation.

The Queen of Swords also can point out somebody in your life who has Queen of Swords qualities who will make it easier to on the profession ladder. They could inform you stuff you don’t wish to hear, however their intention is that will help you in the long run.

What Concerning the Queen of Swords as an Impediment?

The Queen of Swords’ vitality turns into robust to take care of as an impediment card. Is somebody in your life being too harsh or too crucial? Is there an absence of empathy or kindness when expressing the reality?

Might this apply to you?

As an impediment card, the Queen of Swords’ energies are blocked. This might imply that there’s dishonesty or lack of communication in some areas of your life.

The Queen of Swords, as an impediment, is a warning that there’s an imbalance in communication and that there’s a lack of transparency and being upfront.

What Concerning the Queen of Swords Reversed?

As a reversed card, the energies of the Queen of Swords activates its head.

Quite than reality, honesty, and forthrightness, the Queen of Swords turns into dishonest and hides the reality or runs from it.

The Queen of Swords reversed might be vindictive, malicious, or gossiping. As a reversed card, the Queen of Swords signifies bitterness, maybe a person who has not had issues go their means, so that they have sunk into bitter behaviors and probably an envious mindset.

As a reversed card, we see the optimistic energies of the Queen of Swords rework into detrimental. We see an individual or state of affairs the place lies and deceit are obvious; fairly often, there’s an unwillingness to vary this.

To vary the energies of the reversed Queen of Swords to optimistic as soon as extra, soul-searching and a real Tower second could also be essential to get issues again on observe.

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Make the Queen of Swords Work for You

Queen of Swords vitality might be harnessed with using affirmations that allow you to select up on this vitality and apply it to your life.

Affirmations similar to:

  • I worth honesty and reality in all I see
  • I see past the floor and get to the guts of it
  • I’ll succeed whereas staying true to myself
  • I’m not afraid to talk my thoughts

These affirmations repeated to your self every day make it easier to harness this vitality and make it give you the results you want.

Meditating with the Queen of Swords will also be a beautiful strategy to perceive this vitality higher. Discover a quiet spot, shut your eyes, and picture the Queen of Swords in your thoughts. Think about her vitality seeping into you as you faucet into your inside self – one which values honesty, reality, and belief.

The Queen of Swords: The Reality-Teller

The Queen of Swords isn’t at all times the best vitality to take care of, however it is likely one of the most rewarding.

As painful as the reality might be generally, we should all face it if we want to develop and turn into the perfect of who we’re.

In her noble and honorable means, the Queen of Swords exemplifies this vitality of reality. She is the good friend who will inform you that your accomplice is being untrue, irrespective of the implications. She is the instructor who will inform the scholars with out hesitation that they will and can do higher and level out the place precisely they’re failing.

The Queen of Swords’ problem is to mix mild empathy with sincere reality. When such a steadiness is achieved, she turns into a really valued good friend and a beautiful pressure for good on this world.

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