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All About Ophiuchus (Sure, it is truly an indication. Sure, I do know that is quite a bit to understand.) — ASTROLOGY READINGS + BLOG

Ophiuchus is a zodiac constellation alongside the solar’s ecliptic path that’s between Scorpio and Sagittarius and instantly throughout the sky from Orion, which is one other forgotten constellation on the solar’s ecliptic between Taurus and Gemini. The solar (and different planets/luminaries) journey over the proper foot of Ophiuchus who is taken into account to be “The Serpent Bearer” or “Serpent Handler.” An older identify for this constellation is “Serpentarius”. The symbolism of Ophiuchus is necessary to grasp and comprehend if you wish to perceive the archetypes (traits) as effectively.

The person depicted throughout the constellation is Asclepius who is understood for his therapeutic skills. He was born to Apollo (a god) and Coronis (a mortal lady), making him a hybrid. From a really younger age, he was raised by the Centaur Chiron (the healer/and/or/wound that we check with typically inside natal charts, if the identify sounds acquainted, sure, similar dude/centaur – which can also be the identical man/centaur represented throughout the zodiac constellation of Sagittarius). Chiron taught Asclepius the artwork of therapeutic by natural medicines, medication to deal with and remedy, cupping and understanding human immunity/utilization of immune programs, sound therapeutic, reiki, vitality work, and likewise religious connection and therapeutic by divine steering/vitality/love.

Asclepius received *so good* at therapeutic that he was in a position to increase folks from the useless or cease them from dying even when that was their destiny decided by different gods. Zeus wasn’t into that (ruler of the gods on the time) and was like, “No completely not” (I imply, in all probability, idk what he truly stated) and a few tales say he killed Asclepius with a lightning bolt and threw him into the sky and others say he simply made him cease therapeutic folks in that method. Realizing Zeus although (sort of an enormous douche-bag) he in all probability did kill him and put him into the sky.

Inside the constellation, we see Asclepius holding a snake— the snake is the constellation of “Serpens.” The identify classification “ophidian” is “relating or denoting snakes” and “Ophidia” is “reptile group/small snake” which is the place the identify “Ophiuchus” comes from. Some folks throughout the religious group maintain the assumption that snakes are related to religious progress and therapeutic however from my research and understanding, snakes are literally disempowered dragons. Sure, snakes shed their very own pores and skin, and it’s usually as a result of they outgrow it and it doesn’t develop together with them. Snakes are additionally recognized to eat themselves when they’re confused, which is a bizarre flex on some stage however right here we’re. Within the constellation of Ophiuchus, Asclepius is holding the snake in a manner that implies he has energy over it or has “charmed” it in a way to get it to work for him. There’s one other story that claims he killed a snake and it was introduced again to life with magical herbs introduced by one other snake, however given Asclepius’ background in therapeutic, he would have already recognized how to try this himself if he had needed to.



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