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Sacred Cows – Large Sky Astrology

Sacred Cows – Large Sky Astrology


On Might 16, 2023, Jupiter enters Taurus for a pleasant, leisurely keep, till it enters Gemini on Might 25, 2024. Settle your self down on a pleasant, comfortable cushion, seize a tasty snack,  and take a second to ponder what this feast for the senses will imply for you within the yr forward.

Understanding Transits

To begin with, a planet transiting by way of an indication workouts its important character by way of that signal. Jupiter urges us to develop, develop, and search that means. In Taurus, Jupiter seeks methods to extend prosperity, safety, and pleasure. He appears for that means in nature, within the enjoyment of the world’s bounty, and within the senses. He favors gradual, regular progress over sudden, dramatic progress spurts.

For hundreds of years, cultures have revered the cow or bull as an emblem of wealth and of earth’s bounty. The blessings of each Jupiter and Taurus are many: a way that something is feasible, that safety is inside attain, and that pleasures are considerable.  However the mixture of Jupiter’s respect for doctrine and Taurus’ conservatism has a possible draw back: the unwillingness to confront wanted change. The idiom ‘sacred cows’ (primarily based on the reverential remedy of cows by Hindus and in different cultures) refers to one thing that’s held to be immune from query or criticism. Whereas Jupiter is in Taurus, we’re unlikely to see important examinations of entrenched attitudes or insurance policies, nonetheless inconvenient, outmoded, and even dangerous they might be.

Jupiter in Side

A transiting planet can also be coloured by its points to different transiting planets. Jupiter begins its Taurus journey with a sq. to Pluto (Might 17), a comparatively fast transit which however units a tone for the unfolding of this transit. Pluto is usually missed as a planet of wealth, however the God of the Underworld can also be the planet of massive cash (it’s the place we get the time period Plutocrat). His pure home, the eighth, is a home of shared sources, insurance coverage, legacy, and investments. Jupiter (one other planet of prosperity) connecting with Pluto factors out tensions round wealth. But when Jupiter and Pluto join positively together with your start chart (say, in good side to Venus, Jupiter, and/or Pluto), you might even see a bump in your personal backside line. Jupiter’s different vital transit on this signal is a conjunction with unpredictable Uranus in April 2024, which is certain to deliver stunning occasions in each international economics and your personal pocketbook.

Transits and your chart

Lastly, there’s the home of your start chart that accommodates Taurus, by way of which Jupiter is now transferring, and its points to your natal planets. Every time it strikes by way of Taurus, Jupiter touches these similar areas of your chart in the identical method. So you’ll in all probability discover connections between earlier Jupiter in Taurus years (corresponding to 1988/89, 1999/2000, 2011/2012) and this one.

Listen, too, to the homes that oppose and sq. your Taurus home, particularly if they’ve planets in them. These areas of your chart may even really feel some Jupiterian strain to develop. In my chart, Jupiter in Taurus falls in my sixth home and points planets in my twelfth, 2nd, and ninth homes. In late Taurus, Jupiter will kind a helpful grand trine with my natal Saturn (2nd home) and Mars (tenth home). Not surprisingly, Jupiter in Taurus years have introduced enchancment in my funds (2nd home), profession development (tenth home), journey, schooling, and publishing (ninth home). I additionally have a tendency to start out taking a bit higher care of my well being (sixth home).

Taurus has a fame for being easy-going, however when Jupiter on this signal bumps up towards planets in your chart in Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, count on to really feel a surge of motivation and an urge for journey – to really feel quite like a charging bull who’s simply been launched from a holding pen on the rodeo.

Getting the Most from Jupiter in Taurus

Rely your blessings! If every New Moon finds you writing down a listing of intentions and “needs” for the approaching month, contemplate prefacing that record with an equal variety of issues for which you’re grateful. Watch Jupiter in Taurus’ regular, encouraging hand as he touches your start chart, bringing a wealth of imaginative and prescient and optimism the place you beforehand felt none. Decide to Jupiterian endeavors, corresponding to schooling or writing, that require Taurus’ endurance and stamina. Put money into information. Develop a backyard. Spend time in nature.  Hug a cow.

Current Jupiter in Taurus years:

  • June 4, 2011-June 11, 2012
  • June 28 – Oct. 22, 1999; Feb. 14 – June 30, 2000
  • March 8 – July 21, 1988; Nov. 30, 1988 – March 10, 1989

Writing and pictures © 2011-23 by April Elliott Kent

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