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Celebs together with Beyoncé Who Use and Apply Astrology

Celebs together with Beyoncé Who Use and Apply Astrology


Astrology, the research of celestial our bodies’ actions and relative positions, has been etched into humanity’s narrative because the daybreak of civilization. The celebrities have captivated not solely astronomers and philosophers but in addition rulers, politicians, and celebrities throughout time.

This text will journey via historical past, exploring the fascinating methods during which each previous and current notable figures have engaged with astrology, illuminating the affect of the cosmos on their life trajectories and societal affect.


Present Celebrities Who Use Astrology


Oprah Winfrey

The famend discuss present host and media mogul Oprah Winfrey is a major determine in fashionable spirituality. An advocate for private progress and self-discovery, Winfrey has proven a eager curiosity in astrology. She has even hosted astrologers on her tv community, OWN, sharing astrological knowledge along with her broad viewers.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress turned life-style guru Gwyneth Paltrow has introduced astrology to the forefront of wellness via her model, Goop. Paltrow’s platform frequently options astrological articles and horoscopes.


Madonna, the pop queen, is understood for her eclectic non secular practices, which embrace astrology. She is famously identified to have consulted astrologers previously.

Russell Model

British comic Russell Model is open about his non secular exploration, and astrology is a part of his journey. His discussions round astrology are serving to demystify the apply and produce it into the mainstream.

Kim Kardashian

As a actuality TV famous person, Kim Kardashian’s curiosity in astrology ripples via her monumental fan base. From tweeting about Mercury retrograde to having her start chart learn on tv, Kim Kardashian really embraces astrology.

Megan Fox

Actress Megan Fox famous that astrological compatibility is a consideration in her relationships, highlighting how astrology can affect her private decision-making.

Katy Perry

Pop famous person Katy Perry is vocal about her perception in astrology. Incorporating astrological references into her performances, Perry makes use of her platform to have fun her zodiac id and encourages her followers to do the identical.


As an influential determine in music, Beyoncé’s use of astrological symbols in her work exposes hundreds of thousands to the wonders of astrology. She integrates celestial imagery and zodiac indicators in her music.

Jessica Alba

Actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba’s dedication to pure and holistic residing, extends to astrology. Alba incorporates her astrological pursuits into product strains via her model, The Trustworthy Firm, mixing enterprise with cosmic perception.


However earlier than that…

Emperor Augustus

In historic Rome, astrology was integral to society, providing perception into every thing from harvest cycles to imperial reigns. Emperor Augustus, Rome’s first emperor, made use of astrology to consolidate and legitimize his energy.

Augustus, born below the signal of Capricorn, had cash minted bearing his astrological image. This was a strategic transfer designed to align his reign with celestial authority and stability represented by Capricorn. As well as, by publicly embracing his zodiac signal, he aimed to painting himself as a steadfast and bold chief, traits related to Capricorn.

Queen Elizabeth I

Shifting ahead to the Elizabethan period in England, Queen Elizabeth I’s reign was marked by astrological affect because of her counselor, John Dee, a famend mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer.

Dee was tasked with choosing essentially the most auspicious date for Elizabeth’s coronation, guaranteeing her reign started below essentially the most favorable stars. All through her tenure, Elizabeth frequently consulted Dee on varied issues of state, valuing the insights supplied by the celebrities as a lot as political or navy recommendation.

Catherine de Medici

In sixteenth century France, the queen consort, Catherine de Medici, held the seer Nostradamus in excessive esteem. Nostradamus, additionally an astrologer, served as a essential advisor to Catherine. His astrologically influenced quatrains, that are stated to have predicted future occasions, provided Catherine a strategic benefit within the unstable political panorama of the time.

Carl Jung

Shifting from political to psychological realms, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung is a noteworthy determine within the historical past of astrology. His curiosity in astrology was not about divination however was an important a part of his analytical psychology.

Jung noticed astrological archetypes as representations of the unconscious thoughts and used natal charts to know his sufferers’ personalities higher. His idea of synchronicity, the concept that seemingly unrelated occasions may need a significant connection, additionally drew closely on astrological thought.

Jung’s use of astrology highlights its potential past fortune-telling; as a instrument for private perception and understanding, astrology can present a wealthy symbolic language for exploring the human psyche.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime made use of astrology in unsettling methods. Swiss astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft was recruited to advise Hitler and his excessive command through the Second World Conflict. Krafft, identified for his predictive skills, was assigned to forecast occasions to help strategic choices. Hitler’s reliance on astrology underscores the way it was manipulated throughout a darkish chapter in historical past to gasoline propaganda and preserve energy.

Ronald Reagan

Quick ahead to america within the Eighties, Ronald Reagan, the fortieth President, made notable use of astrology. Following an assassination try on Reagan in 1981, his spouse, Nancy Reagan, introduced in astrologer Joan Quigley.

Quigley’s work considerably influenced Reagan’s presidency, with the timing of great occasions, from press conferences to treaty signings, typically organized in keeping with astrological forecasts. This demonstrates how astrology was utilized in fashionable occasions on the highest stage of political decision-making.

J.P. Morgan

Astrology has additionally influenced monetary decision-making. Notably, famend financier J.P. Morgan consulted Evangeline Adams, a well-known astrologer of his time. He valued her astrological recommendation for guiding his monetary choices, together with his well-known citation, “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do,” underlining astrology’s broad attain. Morgan’s utilization of astrology underscores its potential for strategic decision-making past the non-public realm, extending to enterprise and finance.

Benjamin Franklin

Astrology’s enchantment prolonged to polymath Benjamin Franklin, who, whereas not essentially a agency believer in astrology, acknowledged its cultural significance. His broadly learn “Poor Richard’s Almanack” included astrological info, climate forecasts, and aphorisms. By doing so, Franklin acknowledged the function of astrology in 18th-century American thought and every day life, contributing to its widespread acceptance.

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty sixth President of america, is understood to have held a fascination for astrology. He reportedly watched the ‘opposition of his seventh home moon.’ In astrology, the seventh home represents partnerships and relationships; its ruling celestial physique can present insights into how one interacts with others.



Astrology’s affect on notable figures, from monarchs to moguls, testifies to its profound cultural imprint. Furthermore, the continuing resonance of astrology with modern celebrities underscores its enduring relevance and potential to information, encourage, and supply introspective instruments in our quickly altering world.



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