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Most cancers Season Begins — Ruby Slipper Astrology

The Solar enters Most cancers and summer season solstice begins at 10:57 am EDT. That is the longest day – the height of sunshine, heat and life (within the Northern Hemisphere). It may be a day of celebration and in addition a day when household issues turn out to be extra pronounced, as a result of Most cancers’s affiliation with mom/little one, the previous and your roots. 

This delicate, self-protective signal is the nester- a protected place to name dwelling and welcoming household (organic or chosen) are vital. Intuition is the boss – if a scenario or particular person feels unsafe (even when there isn’t any logical motive) they’re prevented. Most cancers season encourages you to belief your self, defend your self and work on making your private home a soothing place for you and anybody you deem worthy of being household. Perhaps celebration seems like quiet occasions with consolation meals, cozy clothes and a gentle place to nap.

Most cancers’s life lesson is to evolve from little one to adult- when this power is distorted, Most cancers falls again on immature habits, neediness, helplessness. Everybody else is guilty. Mature Most cancers understands that, even when that they had the worst childhood, they’re now an grownup and are answerable for their actions and self-care. They’ll turn out to be their very own dad or mum. 

Additionally at present, Ceres (mom’s nurturing) reenters Libra (7:22 am EDT) after her Rx interval in Virgo. Ceres first entered Libra on Dec 18th, 2022 however returned to Virgo in March. Now, she’s again and is reactivating points from Dec- unbalanced nurturing. The facility steadiness in a relationship comes again into focus – who’s the dad or mum and who’s the kid? Her retrograde into Virgo was an opportunity to determine flaws. Now the corrections have been made, we’re again into the connection dynamics. 

The Solar squares Ceres so Most cancers season kicks off with a tense reminder of mom/little one dynamics. There’ll doubtless be some points along with your precise mom (whether or not or not she’s nonetheless in your life) but additionally a better take a look at the way you mom others or the place you’re feeling uncared for. There may be extreme nurturing as a means of feeding the ego. Or, struggles to be free from smothering care. The steadiness of give and take is able to be corrected. 

Mercury in Gemini makes three sextiles at present – Black Moon Lilith and Mars (18 deg Leo) and Chiron (19 deg Aries). So there’s encouragement to speak issues by way of as a means of transferring by way of the above stress. Controversial feminine power/sexuality/anger may be mentioned with empathy. Conversations may be therapeutic so long as every little thing is touched on lightly- keep open, ask questions and be prepared to maneuver on to the subsequent matter. Provoke however do not insist. 



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