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Empowerment by means of Liberation | Pluto re-enters Aquarius, Solar in Capricorn — Starcana Intuitive Life Steerage

Empowerment by means of Liberation | Pluto re-enters Aquarius, Solar in Capricorn — Starcana Intuitive Life Steerage


We’re discovering a option to dwell our life by means of revolt and detachment as Solar (identification, ego) strikes from authoritative Capricorn, into freedom-seeking Aquarius on Saturday January 20. In the course of the subsequent 4 weeks, we will strengthen our means to be neutral, human, ingenious, broadminded, unique, truthful, altruistic, distinctive, peaceable and genuine to battle for an essential trigger.

With out taking a stand for one thing that genuinely issues to us, we may lean towards the shadow facet of this power, from missing sympathy, crankiness, nervousness, sarcasm, separation, uncommitted, anti-social, distant, lonely, failed intimacy, defiance and disconnection. What’s your frequency?

We live in dystopia, in a world that’s dominated by know-how and disconnect, alienation, loneliness, and dysfunction. Steven Wilson

Additionally on Saturday, Pluto (destruction, dying, regeneration) will re-enter Aquarius. Clipped from an earlier article, “as we try a brand new method towards passionate dwelling, transformative Pluto will exit from authoritative Capricorn (since 2008), and transfer by means of humane Aquarius for the subsequent 20 years. Pluto holds the ability to hurt and/or heal; destroying and terminating what we’ve obsessively been holding onto and controlling – regardless of what has dried up, decayed and died – changing into poisonous and unhealthy for our particular person progress. Whereas Pluto is related to endings and dying, it is usually related with transformation, regeneration, resurrection and rebirth. 

Via intense probing and deep investigation, we have now the potential to witness an inside fact being revealed. This new data ought to present with us with a brand new understanding, that permits for forgiveness, empowerment, therapeutic and wholesomeness. So if we will grasp the concept of shifting by means of a darkish tunnel earlier than we will see any gentle – we could perceive that we should transfer by means of the deep depths of Pluto’s darkness. As we examine these inside locations that we have now not been to but, we’re more likely to get to the core, the place the sunshine can shine and treatment the foundation of the dis-ease.”

It’s within the turmoil of chaos that we uncover what, if something, we’re. Orson Scott Card 

“As Pluto transits, investigates and transforms the realm of the freedom-seeking Aquarius (dominated by Uranus), we may see disaster, rebellions, main breakdowns, modifications and/or future reform in areas that encompass how we predict and talk, intelligence, individuality, authenticity, independence, astrology, ethics, altruism, the web, friendships, social media, civil rights, world world connections, synthetic intelligence AI, innovations, digitalization, electronics, know-how, electrical energy, unidentified flying objects UFO, the air we breathe, birds, flying beings, nervousness, the nervous system, mind examine, science, air journey, unstable skies, chaotic climate, tornadoes, lightning storms, glitch within the matrix, house discovery, our rise and our fall, how we prolong our arms to assist each other, religion, and the evolution of humanity. We’ll must undergo the darkish section first, experiencing insensitivity and unpredictability as soiled secrets and techniques and the unknown are slowly uncovered. This provides us a possibility to look into the sunshine of conditions, to achieve perception into what isn’t working anymore – in order that we could redesign, reinvent and heal on futuristic ranges.”

Step one towards change is consciousness. The second step is acceptance. Nathaniel Branden.

We should always attempt to journey regular, however wth a low profile this week beneath the selfless Solar/Neptune sextile on Monday January 15, an organizing Mercury/Saturn sextile on Thursday January 18, an expansive Mercury/Jupiter trine with an unrealistic Venus/Neptune sq. on Friday January 19, and an intense Solar/Pluto conjunction on Saturday January 20. Apply consciousness with mindfulness; and with deep exhales.

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