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Purifying the Commons – Massive Sky Astrology

Purifying the Commons – Massive Sky Astrology


 Splashing Round

The Solar in Capricorn is the chief who delineates the trail to achievement for everyone. However Capricorn can typically be slightly harsh, slightly too dedicated to the underside line, and impatient once we don’t reside as much as its requirements.

As the Solar in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces (Jan. 15, 2024, 4:38 pm PST), it’s guided a bit by softer concerns. How can our buildings and varieties and plans work to make the world a greater place? How can they assist others in want and to make us higher folks as properly?

The Solar is at 25º21’ Capricorn on the Sabian image, 26 Capricorn, A water sprite. This pleasant image reveals a playful aspect of Capricorn, displaying its capability to be in and loving the bodily world. It defies our regular conception of the signal, nevertheless it fits this sextile with Neptune, which presents a chance shed our Capricorn enterprise fits and splash round within the waters of inspiration and instinct.

Cussed Shoots

The Moon in Aries is a pioneer at coronary heart. And this explicit Aries First Quarter Moon (Jan. 17, 2024, 7:52 pm PST) is a pioneer set out on an unforgiving western panorama – not out of a love of journey, however as a result of it’s burned its bridges within the lush, verdant hills of its beginning. Or maybe, as a result of its residence had turn into a dustbowl with no financial alternatives, and the one answer was to hunt alternatives elsewhere.

I obtained on a roll awhile again, watching various fashionable westerns (Information of the World, the Energy of the Canine, Godless) depicting a lawless nineteenth century American west that was no place in any respect for the light, sort, or weak. I see echoes of those tales within the Aries First Quarter Moon, sq. the pitiless mixture of the Solar and Pluto in Capricorn. We’re coming into rugged terrain, the primary vital chapter within the lunar section story that started on the final Aries New Moon (April 19, 2023), a dramatic Photo voltaic Eclipse sq. Pluto.

It’s a tricky mixture, Aries and Capricorn; Mars, the brutal warrior planet, is the ruler of 1 and exalted within the different, and that just about tells us what we have to find out about its temperament.

Nevertheless it’s a brave and decided mixture as properly. Each time we discover ourselves on a tough highway, beset by hazard, these two indicators serve us properly. Neither will hand over, give in, or be denied their goal. So, what was the hunt you set your wagon to again in April? Possibly you don’t keep in mind, or possibly it wasn’t even a aware resolution; New Moons are darkish instances, in any case. Generally we don’t understand what we planted on the New Moon till the First Quarter shines a light-weight on the primary tiny, cussed shoots rising on the dusty plain.


With the intention to pursue happiness, we’ve got to create a life that helps that pursuit. This implies saying no to issues that don’t assist our targets, in favor of constructing methods that reinforce our desired end result. And it means making guarantees to ourselves that we refuse to interrupt.

If what we wish is a life that gives choices, flexibility, and freedom, we’d like look no additional than this week’s Mercury sextile to Saturn (Jan. 18, 2024, 00:49 am PST) and trine to Jupiter (Jan. 19, 2024, 1:31 am PST). Our guarantees to ourselves, our exhausting work, and our expertise are opening doorways to the proper of future, and this week we could entice the discover of the very individuals who may also help us stroll via these doorways.

Sort Untruths and Flat-Out Deception

Esteemed astrologer Steven Forrest as soon as stated that, “we get married, after which set to work educating one another easy methods to lie.” That’s keenly noticed, and it has the sting of fact. Nevertheless it’s tough to take care of unvarnished candor on a 24-hour foundation, and in a long-term relationship, untruths are typically sort. A little bit gentleness lets affection endure.

However there are sort untruths (“No, that gown doesn’t make you look fats”) after which there may be flat-out deception. And as Venus squares Neptune (Jan 19, 2024, 7:49 am PST), we are able to get an excellent take a look at what’s actually occurring – in relationships, with cash, in the best way we worth ourselves – and the place we go from right here.

Purifying the Commons

This week brings a profound confluence of the Solar’s conjunction with Pluto on the final minute of the final diploma of Pluto, adopted by the Solar and Pluto coming into Aquarius – all on the identical day.

The Solar’s conjunction with Pluto (Jan. 20, 2024, 5:46 am PST) is like an exclamation mark on the finish of Pluto’s most up-to-date time in Capricorn, which started on June 11 2023. It’s a tough planet in a stern, severe signal, and has ferreted out the extra corrupt and poisonous sides of our Capricorn establishments. Appropriately, this conjunction takes place on Capricorn’s ultimate diploma, on the Sabian image A secret enterprise convention.

On the identical day, the Solar (at 6:07 am PST) and Pluto (at 4:56 pm PST) maintain fingers and leap into Aquarius. The signal reverse Leo, related to particular person creativity, Aquarius represents the issues we create in live performance with others – and so the Solar’s Aquarius season is a month of exploring social connections and conceiving a path ahead into the long run. Aquarius begins on the Sabian image, An outdated adobe mission. It’s an emblem that has its troublesome aspect; right here in California, the missions are lovely and beloved, but additionally symbols of cultural and non secular colonialism. As Pluto will get its footing on this signal, we’ve got to watch out for Aquarius’ fastened air signal tendency to impose our sturdy beliefs onto others.

Together with Pluto, the Solar will probably be joined on this signal by Mercury (Feb. 4), Mars (Feb. 12), and Venus (Feb. 16). The interval between Feb. 16-18, 2024 will see a stellium of 5 planets in Aquarius, and group and planning for the long run will probably be high of thoughts.

Pluto will again into Capricorn briefly another time, between Sep. 1 and Nov. 19, 2024, after which it’s in Aquarius for good via March 2043. Because it strikes extra deeply into Aquarius, Pluto will emphasize the profound significance of making a world, a society, collectively. However Pluto is NOT an indication of creation; quite, its job is to spotlight and eradicate no matter stands in the best way of realizing the upper potential of its signal. Anticipate to see the shadow sides of social media, synthetic intelligence, privateness points, and so forth, as Pluto does its job of purifying the communal signal of Aquarius.

Writing and pictures © 2017-24 by April Elliott Kent

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