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Concentrate on Aquarius

Deep Struggling or Service to Humanity


  • Solar in Aquarius Feb. 12-March 14

  • Saturn in Aquarius  Jan 17, 2023-March 30, 2025

  • Mercury in Aquarius : Feb 19-March 6, 2024

  • Venus in Aquarius: March 7-Thirty first, 2024

  • Mars in Aquarius: March 15-April twenty second 2024

  • Rahu in Aquarius:  Could 29, 2025 to Nov 25, 2026  (True Node) –

Aquarius is an indication of intense karma and struggling as it’s co-ruled by Saturn and Rahu and sometimes Rahu turns into the highest canine between these two planets. The Aquarius nature is usually sorrowful and depressing, however due to the affect of Rahu, it may also be full of ambition. Saturn’s vitality will are likely to counter-balance with humility however can add shallowness points. Planets in Aquarius are tasked with discovering a brand new life and a brand new outlook for society. Aquarius is a set signal so it tends to be lazy, wanting to maintain issues as they’re. Any planets in your Rashi or Varga charts related to Aquarius can herald karmic bitterness and ache.

Western astrologers could also be appropriate in connecting the wild creative energies of Uranus and expertise with Rahu’s unbiased and rebellious energies. The nakshatras in Aquarius: Satabhishak (Aq 6.40-20.00) are likely to excel in expertise and biotechnology or Purvabhadra (Aq. 20-Pisces 3.20) can create nice scientists.

Saturn is the co-owner of Aquarius and brings with it the twelfth home energies of Capricorn. Thus it brings a fascination with loss of life and the life-beyond and the search for Moksha. On the darker facet, it additionally brings humility and shallowness issues and could also be too involved with serving to others on the expense of taking good care of the self. When you’ve got lots of Aquarius vitality, you must be cautious of doing an excessive amount of service work. However, Aquarians, with their good thoughts and delicate nature, are great in philanthropic work and well-suited for serving humanity.

The Sanskrit identify for Aquarius is Kumbha and this interprets to the pitcher. The image of Aquarius is the person with the pitcher. The iconography is a bit puzzling for the reason that pitcher of Aquarius has water flowing out of the container despite the fact that Aquarius is an air signal. On the extent of esoteric astrology, Aquarius is related to the Rishi Agastha who’s symbolically holding his breath to usher in new civilizations and new philosophies.

As a result of Aquarius rising has the shortest rising interval of all of the rising indicators of the zodiac, Aquarian rising individuals are rarer than most different indicators, however but they have an inclination to make a bigger affect on the world. Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx, and J.P. Morgan are well-known Aquarian souls.

The three nakshatras of this rising signal: Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha, and Purvabhadra are related to Mars, Rahu, and Jupiter and thus join Aquarius to materials prosperity and therapeutic. Saturn, as co-owner of the signal, brings in deep previous life karma. Rahu offers the signal a revolutionary and creative/inventive vitality in expertise and medical analysis. Aquarians are main lovers of astronomy and astrology. The important thing to the signal for Aquarians is a must divulge heart’s contents to their spirituality to transcend the weighty, materials energies that expertise can convey.

If Saturn/Rahu is natally within the chart, we usually consider this rising signal as having shallowness issues and never recognizing their abilities. Aquarius dominated charts could be too unconventional and outspoken and have issues with routine. These charts may also be self-isolating and depressed and conceal their distress behind a pretend smile. The Achilles’ heel for this rising signal is the sixth home Lord, the moon. This can lead to main issues across the mom and points round meals, nurturing, and the complexities of the thoughts. Sri Ramakrishna, a well-known Aquarius rising saint, had obsessions with fasting and Mom Divine.

Aquarius rising tends to be unbiased and they don’t search recommendation. With all of the readings I’ve performed, I in all probability have solely performed two or three Aquarius rising charts. Aquarius dominated charts can have troublesome relationships with their father. They will endure from separation or an absence of affection from their father. Aquarius dominated charts can present an absence of steadiness in life and this will make them fundamentalists about their causes.

Aquarius has a impartial relationship with Jupiter who owns the 2nd and eleventh home and bestows cash. Jupiter may give wealth, however wealth doesn’t fulfill them. Aquarius has a troublesome relationship with Mars as a result of it owns the third and tenth homes and with the moon which owns the sixth home. The Moon on this chart presents probably the most challenges. Solar [the 7th house ruler] is an enemy to Saturn and subsequently there are lots of relationship classes to be discovered from marriage or partnerships. Venus is the Rajayogakaraka planet for Aquarius and may give success. Mercury is normally impartial to this chart because it guidelines the fifth home and the eighth homes. Since Mercury guidelines the eighth home, its mooltrikona signal, Mercury will give a higher impact of the eighth home issues than of fifth home issues. Jupiter, Solar, Mars are the Maraka planets and may trigger loss of life or sickness when the native just isn’t in a loss of life or maraka interval.

The Badhaka signal for Aquarius is Libra, and Venus is the badhaka planet for Aquarius rising charts. Venus will convey materials blessings however can create psychological challenges with relationships and marriage. A key to Aquarius is that they have to recurrently tithe their features to beat materials pleasure and never get caught in sexual or sensual addictions. Badhaka Venus is just an actual drawback if 2 or extra malefics are aspecting or impacting Libra or Venus. With Venus being so key to Aquarius’ rising chart, these natives need to steadiness love of fabric comforts and pleasure with philanthropic work. Being surrounded by artwork, tradition, and music can feed their souls and the secret is to steadiness humanitarian wants with sensual pleasures.

Aquarians and the Solar have a impartial relationship. With Leo related to the seventh home, they have an inclination to attract confidence by a co-dependent relationship with a companion as Aquarius rising is usually humble and missing confidence. That is significantly true if the Solar is in Libra the place they might be too absorbed in relationships or with their Guru. Solar in Aries can encourage them to greater philanthropic and humanitarian actions and their partner can then assist them. Aquarians should keep away from the tempting energies of Venus and an excessive amount of sexual exercise which can pull them from their greater causes.

Aquarians have a troubled relationship with the moon and incessantly have main points with the mom because the moon guidelines the sixth home of the enemy. Nonetheless, the Moon may give them deep empathy to do service work for humanity and assist the decrease lessons. If the moon is in Taurus, Aquarians can have an enormous coronary heart that strikes into deep emotional fights to serve humanity. In distinction, the moon in Scorpio can result in melancholy and frustration with martyrdom.

Mars and Saturn may also be troublesome planets with Aquarius rising charts. If Mars is robust within the chart, Aquarians can discover lots of gusto and bravado to maneuver into revolutionary causes to serve their causes. Any affliction to Mars and so they could also be susceptible to being reckless. If Mars is weak within the chart [as in the sign of Cancer] they might have well being issues or lack the braveness to maneuver into battle for his or her trigger. A weak Mars may trigger an Aquarian to query or deny their power. Mars doesn’t convey peace to Aquarians and Aquarians is not going to face a easy life if Mars is since it may convey down the pure service energies of this signal. This could result in frustration and quarrels and we all know how troublesome a pissed off militant Aquarian could be when he fails to alter society primarily based on his imaginative and prescient.

With Mercury proudly owning the fifth and eighth homes, Aquarians are naturally susceptible to philosophical, scientific, and astrological inquiries into the character of the universe. Aquarians want to make use of their ardour for the fifth home and Gemini energies to discover a career that makes use of their intelligence and deep need to know the mysteries of the universe.

Every signal has a vivid facet and a shadow signal. Aquarian could be a signal of non secular significance and plenty of nice leaders are born underneath this signal. Nonetheless, if Rahu and Saturn are in an Aquarius dominated chart it may create deep struggling and frustration in life. For Aquarians to succeed, they should serve humanity and let the water circulate out of the pitcher to profit mankind.

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