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Yogas in several sorts and completely different mixtures.

There can be a unique sort of  Yoga, we are able to’t discover anyplace, any beginning charts.

That sort of Yoga is discovered within the Hemamalini beginning chart.

It’s completely different.

See the beginning chart

She was born with Most cancers Ascendant.

Within the 2nd home Venus and Saturn

Within the third home Solar

Within the 4th home Mercury and Ketu

The 2nd home Leo lord Solar in Virgo

Virgo home lord Mercury is within the third home Libra

Libra lord Venus within the 2nd home Leo

So the Planets Solar, Venus, and Mercury mutually change their home.

That is Triangle Parivarthana Yoga

That is excellent yoga. The Yoga fashioned within the Konas additionally.

She was an early age, entered in cine subject. 

Throughout Saturn Dasa, She acted within the movie.

In triangle Parivanthana Yoga the Planets Saturn Mercury and Solar are concerned. 

Moon in Pisces is the ninth home for Most cancers Ascendants.

The Yoga Planets Venus Saturn within the sixth from Moon creates Adhi Yoga

The Yoga Planets Solar within the seventh from Moon creates Adhi Yoga

The Yoga Planets Mercury within the eighth from Moon creates Adhi Yoga.

The Adi Yoga and Triangle Parivarthana Yoga create Maha Yoga.

Venus and Saturn mixture are superb.

Venus and Saturn mixture in Leo could be very superb.

Venus and Saturn mixture in Adi Yoga is Excellent

Venus and Saturn mixture in Triangle Parivarthana Yoga is superb.

Venus and Saturn mixture are within the tenth home from the Ruchaga Yoga Mars.

Venus and Saturn mixture aspected by Jupiter.

On this beginning chart, the Yogas completely cooperated with all different Planets and create Maha Yoga.

This is among the notable beginning charts for analysis work within the subject of Astrology.



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