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How Asteroid Names Predict Important Individuals In Your Life, In accordance To Astrologer’s Idea

Some astrologers consider that our names, together with these of probably the most vital folks round us in addition to huge life and world occasions, are written within the stars. In lots of instances, personally named asteroids can present us crucial folks in our lives in addition to the end result of particular conditions.

In line with astrologer Dimitri George in her guide, ‘Astrology and the Genuine Self,’ asteroids can present us a terrific deal about who we’re and the names of others who play necessary roles for higher or worse. “Following are some placing examples from the charts of celebrities that illustrate the purpose,” she wrote. “Prince Charles as an example has asteroids Camilla and Parks conjunct his Venus inside quarter-hour of an arc. The identify of his long-time love and new spouse is Camilla Parker. Invoice Clinton,” she continued, “has asteroids Paula, Monica, and Asmodeus (the Persian God of lust) and William reverse his Moon and the asteroid Hillary conjunct his Moon in addition to the asteroid Hilaritis conjunct his IC, (which is) the bottom and anchor of his chart.”

Astrologer and TikTok creator Daniela, who goes by @thecosmiclatte, shows the above-mentioned web page from George’s guide and explains in a TikTok video, “A lot of the main and minor asteroids utilized in astrology are named after Greek Gods and Goddesses however there are additionally 12,000 extra asteroids which were named after folks, locations, issues. There’s a Daniela asteroid,” she continued, “and that’s my identify. There’s a Chicago asteroid; there are lots of names on the market.”

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“That is my Mother’s chart,” she mentioned, pointing to a brand new chart on the display. “In her first home, on her ascendant is the asteroid Daniela; can’t make this up. My center identify is Simone and it’s conjunct her Venus and Venus represents motherhood too. My Dad’s identify is Leonid and he’s truly a Leo. I couldn’t discover an asteroid named Leonid however there was one named Leonov and Leonidas. Leonidas in her 4th home of residence and household and Leonov was in her 2nd home, and I’ve truly seen a sample of lifelong companions having that second home asteroid simply primarily based on what I used to be making an attempt out immediately.”



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