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Looking for Blessings from Goddess Gauri

Looking for Blessings from Goddess Gauri


Mangala Gauri Vrat

Mangala Gauri Vrat is a big Hindu observance devoted to Goddess Gauri, also referred to as Parvati or Shakti. This auspicious vrat is noticed on Tuesdays in the course of the month of Shravana, a sacred month devoted to Lord Shiva and Mata Gauri. The Vrat holds nice significance as it’s believed to meet the needs of devotees looking for a life companion, resolve delayed marriages, and improve the well being, longevity, and well-being of their husbands.
Mangala Gauri Vrat holds nice significance amongst devotees looking for blessings from Goddess Gauri. The month of Shravana is a interval devoted to Lord Shiva and Mata Gauri. It’s believed that by observing this vrat with devotion and following the prescribed rituals, devotees can fulfill their wishes, together with discovering a life companion, resolving delayed marriages, and guaranteeing the well being and well-being of their husbands.
The observance of Mangala Gauri Vrat celebrates the ability of relationships and serves as a potent mechanism within the palms of ladies to guard their husbands in opposition to foreseen and unexpected risks. This weblog delves into the rituals, significance, and technique of observing the Mangala Gauri Vrat, guiding devotees on their non secular journey to hunt the blessings and style of Goddess Gauri.

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Mangala Gauri Vrat 2023 Dates

Mangala Gauri Vrat in Shravan 2023 falls on the next dates:

  • First Mangala Gauri Vrat: July 4, 2023, Tuesday
  • Second Mangala Gauri Vrat: July 11, 2023, Tuesday
  • Third Mangala Gauri Vrat: July 18, 2023, Tuesday
  • Fourth Mangala Gauri Vrat: July 25, 2023, Tuesday

Be aware: The month of Shravana ends on August 31, 2023, Thursday.

The importance of Mangala Gauri Vrat

The importance of the Mangala Gauri Vrat revolves across the devotion and religion of devotees looking for blessings from Goddess Gauri. Allow us to delve deeper into the profound causes behind observing this vrat:

1. Looking for blessings from Goddess Gauri:

Mangala Gauri Vrat is primarily noticed to hunt the blessings and divine grace of Goddess Gauri, who is taken into account the epitome of divine female vitality. Devotees imagine that by observing this vrat with sincerity and devotion, they will attain the blessings of the goddess, resulting in a contented and affluent life. Goddess Gauri is believed to bestow devotees with energy, knowledge, and constructive vitality.

2. Fulfilling marriage-related wishes:

One other important facet of Mangala Gauri Vrat is its affiliation with marriage-related wishes. Many people going through delays of their marriages or looking for an acceptable life companion observe this vrat with the hope of discovering success of their matrimonial aspirations. It’s believed that the observance of this vrat can take away obstacles and convey divine intervention, resulting in the manifestation of desired marital outcomes.

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3. Well being and well-being:

Married ladies maintain a particular place within the observance of Mangala Gauri Vrat. They carry out this vrat to reinforce the well being, longevity, and total well-being of their husbands. It’s believed that via their prayers and fasting, they invoke the blessings of Goddess Gauri, who safeguards their husbands from any hurt and blesses them with good well being and prosperity. The vrat serves as a method for ladies to specific their love and devotion in direction of their husbands.
By observing Mangala Gauri Vrat, devotees set up a deeper reference to the divine and search the benevolence of Goddess Gauri. It’s a technique to categorical gratitude, search steerage, and invoke divine blessings in numerous features of life. The vrat instills a way of religion, devotion, and non secular self-discipline, fostering private development and a deeper understanding of the divine presence. In the end, devotees embark on this vrat with the idea that their prayers and fasting will convey them nearer to their desired objectives, enabling them to steer a life crammed with happiness, concord, and non secular success.

couples horoscopeMangala Gauri Vrat Rituals:


  • Choosing the auspicious date: Mangala Gauri Vrat is noticed each Tuesday in the course of the month of Shravana.
  • Gathering puja samagri: Sixteen Shringaar objects, fruits, desi ghee, diya, cotton, sweets, paan, supari, elaichi, laung, flowers, and Panch Mewa.

Morning Rituals:

  • Purification: Get up early and take a shower earlier than beginning the puja rituals.
  • Apparel: Ladies observing the quick historically put on red-colored garments corresponding to fits or sarees.
  • Organising the Puja room: Clear the Puja room and place a wood plank to carry the idols of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.
  • Idol Ornament: Enhance the idol of Goddess Parvati with the sixteen Shringaar objects.
  • Lighting the diya: Gentle a diya with desi ghee and supply the collected puja samagri.
  • Sankalp: Take a solemn vow to look at the quick with devotion and dedication.
  • Aarti: Conclude the morning rituals by performing the Aarti.

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Observance of Mangala Gauri Vrat:

1. Fasting:

Ladies undertake the Mangala Gauri quick, ranging from the primary Tuesday of the month of Shravana.
Fasting is noticed with utmost sincerity and dedication.

2. Puja Technique:

  • On the primary Tuesday, place the idol or picture of Mangala Gauri on a wood plate lined with a pink material.
  • Create 9 planetary deities utilizing rice and sixteen goddesses utilizing wheat on the plate.
  • Set up a Kalash with water as per the foundations of Mangala Gauri Puja.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha after which proceed with the worship of the Kalash, 9 planets, and sixteen goddesses.
  • Supply the puja supplies to the poor after the completion of the ritual.

3. Night Rituals:

  • Anoint the idol of Mangala Gauri with water, milk, curd, and so forth.
  • Adorn the idol with sixteen objects of make-up and supply flowers, leaves, garlands, nuts, betel nuts, cloves, and different objects.
  • Narrate the story of Mangala Gauri Vrat and distribute sixteen laddus to married ladies.
  • Prasad and meals: Supply Prasad to the Brahmins and have a single meal in the course of the day.
  • Immersion: The idol of Goddess Mangala Gauri is immersed in a river or pond on the second day after the final quick.

Mangala Gauri Vrat Udyapan:

Udyapan Rituals:

  • Udyapan is carried out after finishing all of the Tuesday fastings within the Shravana month.
  • Consuming is prohibited throughout Udyapan, and the girl observing the quick ought to apply mehndi.
  • A pavilion is ready up with 4 banana poles, and Mangala Gauri is established inside it.
  • Supply a saree, nostril ring, and different marriage-related objects of the worshiping lady on the pavilion.
  • Carry out a havan, hearken to the Katha (story), and conclude with an Aarti.
  • Give sixteen flour laddus, cash, and a saree to the mother-in-law whereas touching her ft.
  • Present meals and presents to the students who carried out the puja.


  • Jayanti Mangala Kaali Bhadra Kaali Kapalini, Durga Kshama Shivadhatri Swaha Swadha Namostute..!!
  • Sarva Mangala Maangalyaye Shive Sarvartha Sadhike, Sharanyaye Triyabike Gauri Narayani Namostute..!!

Mangala Gauri Vrat story

The story behind Mangala Gauri Vrat is an historic story that highlights the ability of devotion and the divine intervention of Goddess Gauri. The story goes as follows:
In a city, there lived a service provider named Dharmapala and his spouse. They led a affluent life crammed with wealth and happiness. Nonetheless, their solely sorrow was the absence of kids. Decided to have a baby, Dharmapala, and his spouse launched into numerous rituals, fasts, and acts of charity to hunt divine intervention.
Their prayers and efforts didn’t go in useless, and finally, the couple was blessed with a baby. Nonetheless, their pleasure was quickly clouded by the predictions of astrologers. In accordance with the astrologers, the kid’s life can be short-lived, as he was destined to die from a snakebite in his sixteenth yr.
Distressed by this prediction, Dharmapala and his spouse sought solace of their religion and determined to take additional measures to safeguard their baby’s life. They obtained their son married to a lovely lady, whose mom was a religious observer of the Mangala Gauri Vrat.
The lady’s mom, because of her observance of the vrat, had been blessed with unbroken success. Recognizing the ability of the Mangala Gauri Vrat, Dharmapala’s household determined to look at the vrat as effectively, hoping it might grant longevity and safety to their son.
With immense religion and devotion, the household began observing the Mangala Gauri Vrat. They carried out the rituals, provided prayers, and fasted diligently each Tuesday in the course of the month of Shravana.
Because the years handed, the son grew into maturity, and the dreaded sixteenth yr approached. Nonetheless, as the anticipated day got here, a miraculous occasion unfolded. The son survived unhurt, escaping the snakebite that was prophesied to take his life.
The household was overwhelmed with gratitude and pleasure, realizing that their observance of the Mangala Gauri Vrat had performed a big position in averting the anticipated tragedy. They attributed the divine grace and safety of Goddess Gauri to their son’s longevity and well-being.
Since then, the story of Dharmapala’s household has been shared via generations, reinforcing the idea within the energy of Mangala Gauri Vrat to convey blessings, safety, and success of wishes. The story serves as a testomony to the efficiency of devotion and the divine intervention that may be skilled via the observance of this vrat.
Devotees who hear this story and undertake the Mangala Gauri Vrat with sincerity and religion imagine that they can also invoke the benevolence of Goddess Gauri of their lives, overcoming obstacles, and experiencing divine blessings. The story behind Mangala Gauri Vrat evokes devotees to embrace the vrat as a method to hunt divine grace and safety of their journeys.


Mangala Gauri Vrat holds immense significance and is a strong means to hunt the blessings of Goddess Gauri. Via this observance, devotees can domesticate a deeper reference to the divine and expertise the divine grace of their lives. By following the rituals and performing the vrat with utmost devotion, people can invite happiness, prosperity, and success into their lives.
The Mangala Gauri Vrat is particularly revered by married ladies, as it’s believed to strengthen the bonds of affection, concord, and prosperity of their marital relationships. By sincerely observing this vrat, ladies can search the blessings of Goddess Gauri and improve the positivity and blessings of their married lives.
Could all those that undertake the Mangala Gauri Vrat be showered with the divine grace of Goddess Gauri, and will this auspicious observance convey pleasure, success, and prosperity to all who take part in it.

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