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I informed Tucker Carlson ‘We’re Preventing the identical Enemy’ │ Alexander Dugin

I believe Russian and Western patriots have precisely the identical enemy. And my latest dialog with Tucker Carlson, with whom I had the prospect to talk right here in Moscow throughout his go to, has completely satisfied me about this. As a result of we began instantly to talk as brothers to one another, not as enemies who combat one another. Tucker Carlson is completely not pro-Russian. He is a liberal and an American patriot, and I’m an antiliberal Russian patriot. 

─ Hostis humani generis, enemy of the human race, justice and the great.

Clearly, now we have many issues in widespread but additionally disagreements regarding geopolitics, multi-polarity, Protestantism or liberalism, for instance. However despite all these, the primary core of our world imaginative and prescient is similar. We’re each preventing for Christianity, for the religion, for the roots, for the custom, for the eternity, and for the human dignity. And we’re preventing precisely the identical enemy.
So we have to take
inspiration from one another. I’m thought of to be the primary anti-Western
Russian thinker however I like Western custom and admire Western
philosophers. I’m a follower of Plato, of Heidegger, of Aristotle, and of
Christian thought within the West and within the East. We’re
completely free to have this inspiration from the classical heritage of
one another as a result of the Russian custom has perhaps the identical roots as
the Western one.


Plato, Aristotle, Greece, Rome, Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Mediterranean tradition – all that now we have in widespread. And we attempt to protect, to preserve and to save lots of one thing of it as a result of the trendy Western elite eliminates something that has actual classical roots. In that sense, we’re in the identical boat and on the identical entrance line with American and Western European patriots. It’s not about both West or East. It’s about custom and roots versus globalism and the synthetic, anti-human and nihilist hegemony. That’s our widespread enemy.


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