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RETROGRADE:  APRIL 1-25TH                           

Mercury strikes into Pisces on Wednesday evening, March 6th, and stays there till March 25th.   Due to its retrograde movement April 1-25, we’ve got a kind of difficult years like 2018 the place Mercury is weak for too lengthy in Pisces.  Mercury solely gies retrograde Mercury in Pisces each 7 years and haven’t seen it since 2018.   Each 7 years, Mercury retrogrades might be in water indicators pitting the logical nature of Mercury in opposition to the emotional nature of the water indicators.  This 12 months it goes retrograde in Leo however then retrogrades again into the Gandanta space of Most cancers August 21-Sept 5th and it then retrogrades in Scorpio Nov. 25-Dec. 15th.

Mercury is debilitated in Pisces which brings out nervousness, being spacey, melancholy, too many ideas, and being too talkative  Nonetheless the phrase debilitated will get misunderstood. For Geminis and Virgos, it could imply decrease power and a have to get extra relaxation and it could create elevated psychological exercise and a stressed thoughts.   Since Pisces is a really religious signal, Mercury’s logical sensible, and rational power can get misplaced right here in pursuing too many philosophical or religious pursuits, could be susceptible to melancholy, or be topic to false Gurus or advisors.

Mercury in Pisces is sweet for the intuitive functioning of the mind and that’s additionally true of Mercury retrograde.  It might assist dream evaluation, artistic writing, and songwriting. Nonetheless, the darkish aspect of Mercury in Pisces after which conjunct Rahu into March 19th could be problematic for journey, miscommunication, backward logic, finishing paperwork and contracts and tax returns, and having extra errors in writing.  Use the week of March 4-8th when Mercury is a bit stronger in Jupiter’s nakshatra of Purvabhadrapada (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3) to get all of these writing initiatives finished and get your taxes finished.

Mercury is the trickster, in Pisces he delights in irritating us with issues not working so study to be affected person. Nonetheless, it might convey out miscommunication and laptop points.

You probably have plenty of writing initiatives to do, get them finished earlier than March 8th Mercury is debilitated in Pisces as a result of he can get misplaced in religious dreaminess and never take note of the logic that runs him. Be sure that your pipe desires are run by the filter of logic and practicality.

Virgo rising will expertise a seventh home transit making relationships tough notably in case you are recognized to have communication points anyway.  Fuzzy minds will not be in a position to talk with companions effectively or study routines or habits.  Virgos usually entice religious companions and the battle between their sensible nature and their associate’s emotional nature could be irritating.

Gemini rising can do higher with this transit in March because it helps standing and profession growth and March might be higher with the exalted Venus conjunction in April.  With out Venus’s assist after April 24th, Geminis could also be not sensible and severe sufficient at work and be too into having enjoyable moderately than being accountable.   This could forestall a significant sharing of 1’s expertise and result in frustration.  The important thing might be to remain centered and accountable and never get lazy or tackle too many initiatives which can scatter power.

Mercury’s debilitation is cancelled by the Venus exaltation April 9-24th and that may assist just a little.   James Braha is fond of claiming that cancellation of debilitation is like shedding a limb and getting a prosthetic. It helps however it isn’t like it’s regular. Nonetheless, when they’re collectively April 9-24, this might be good for bringing out the extra fun-loving disposition the place Mercury will get pleasure from a extra artistic and imaginative aspect of enterprise or commerce with contemporary and unique concepts. This can be a good time for writers and musicians who could have seen the fruits of their efforts produce a nice harvest later.

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