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5 belongings you may not find out about Goddesses, astrology and Moonology

Forward of my speak at I Can Do It in Phoenix subsequent month, I needed to start out exploring some concepts round Goddesses, astrology and Moonology …

So listed here are 5 belongings you may not find out about Goddesses, astrology and Moonology — however which might actually mild you up in the event you’re on the Goddess path!

1. Many Goddesses have an astrological counterpart which embodies their energies. To make use of the obvious instance, the traditional Greek Goddess Venus Aphrodite is matched with the planet of affection and abundance Venus. (However ftr, so is Divine Hindu Goddess Lakshmi…!)

2. The idea of the Triple Goddess—representing the maiden, mom, and crone—parallels the Moon’s phases, illustrating the cyclical nature of life and the female divine in astrology. You may most simply examine this triple Goddess paradigm with the Waxing Cycle, the Full Moon, and the Waning Cycle

Yasmin-Boland-Side Banner-ICDI3. Do you know that Lilith, also known as the Darkish Moon or Black Moon in astrology, embodies the uncooked and untamed points of femininity, difficult conventional views by representing freedom, sexuality, and the refusal to submit, linking her to the highly effective and sometimes misunderstood power of the divine female.

4. In Vedic astrology, goddesses like Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati play essential roles, every symbolizing points of knowledge, wealth, and energy that affect horoscopic interpretations.

5. The asteroid goddesses—Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta—in Western astrology are thought-about to hold female energies into the natal chart, every representing a singular dimension of feminine knowledge and energy neglected in conventional planetary roles.

There may be SO a lot to say about all of this and in the event you’re something like me, it’s simply such a LUSH subject that I need to know increasingly about.

Fairly truthfully, to grasp all of it’s unattainable, even in the event you stay for 1000 years. However all of us have to start out someplace, proper?

In the event you’re within the USA and also you need to know extra, come alongside to my speak at I Can Do It, the large Hay Home occasion going down on the finish of March the place I will probably be speaking about Angels, Goddesses and Moonologyparticulars are right here.



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