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What Have been You Taught To Worth As A Youngster

libra scales balanceI used to be speaking to my husband concerning the numerous issues that folks worth. Most undoubtedly wealth and standing are huge on this period.

I’d by no means considered this earlier than, nevertheless it was simple to sum up the values of  the principle influencers in my childhood. My main Aquarian mother and father valued freedom and individuality, above all. Traditional “make your personal guidelines”. My mom particularly, loathed copycats; a breed who flock to Aquarians.

My grandfather was all about being high-minded.  He agonized over spending 5 {dollars} on a transistor radio, when he might give the 5 {dollars} to somebody in want. He wore rags, all day, each day, in order that he is perhaps beneficiant with others. He was into good well being practices. He additionally thought it is best to by no means lie and at all times do your finest.

Should you mash this collectively, my household positioned excessive worth on being a person with integrity. I feel it’s vital to say, we didn’t have a television (or a pc, lol).  I used to be not uncovered to promoting, telling me what all I wanted to be cool or stunning or accepted. I’ve no phrases to specific my gratitude for this “poverty”.

Saturn is transiting my 2nd home, by the way in which.  Actuality test on my values.  Are they my values? 

I even have Venus sq. Neptune. I can simply slip into valuing what the particular person subsequent to values,

Summing this up, in my case I’m undoubtedly a product of my early setting.  I share the values of the adults who raised me. I’m wondering most are comparable.

I’m pondering, they in all probability are, although it might appear in any other case.  Let’s say you reject your loved ones’s values however you go along with what was preached in media as an alternative.

Promoting encourages an individual to need MORE.  To need, insatiably, actually, and there are lots of people who’re like this.  Hey!  You may’t get a date in case you have an Android cellphone!  Should you issue out the advertisements, what human being would come with a cellphone of their “values”?


 What do you worth? How would you outline, “wealth”? The place did your values come from?  Are they true to your character; proven in your chart?



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