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Navratri Day 6 – Devi Katyayani

Navratri Day 6 – Devi Katyayani


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Devi Katyayani

Devi Katyayani is the sixth type of Goddess Durga celebrated through the Navratri pageant. She is the principle goddess worshipped on the sixth day. Devi Katyayani is seated on a lion and has 4 arms. The higher left-hand holds a sword whereas the decrease left hand holds a lotus flower. The higher proper hand is in Abhaya Mudra whereas the decrease proper hand is in Varmudra. Worshipping Devi Katyayani is believed to bestow the devotee with prosperity, each within the bodily and non secular realms.
Devi Katyayani is believed to rule the Ajna Chakra. The Ajna Chakra is located between the eyebrows on the centre of the pinnacle and can also be referred to as the third-eye chakra. It offers with notion, conscience and instinct. Awakening this chakra helps the individual transcend the fabric world and attain increased ranges of consciousness. Devi Katyayani additionally destroys the sins amassed from earlier lives and helps within the well timed marriage of the individual.
Devi Katyayani took type to kill the demon Mahishasura from wreaking havoc within the Universe after requests from devas in addition to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. She was born because the daughter of Sage Katyayan, who had been doing penance to please Goddess Durga and have her born as his daughter. Devi Katyayani is normally portrayed as sporting yellow-coloured apparel, although devotees worship the color orange on at the present time.

Devi Katyayani Mantras

A mantra is a replica of vibrations within the type of sounds which when chanted over and over can unlock powers that may uplift the physique, thoughts and soul of an individual. Chanting a mantra for a selected variety of instances, throughout particular intervals can invoke within the individual blessings from the divine beings to whom the mantra is addressed. This may additionally cut back the affect of adverse energies which may end up in a morale increase. The mantra must be chanted appropriately and with devotion. The individual must be seated in an applicable space in an applicable place for the mantra chanting to take impact. She or he has to remain targeted with a transparent thoughts. When carried out correctly, chanting mantras can change lives for the higher.
Devi Katyayani can wash away the karmic sins of an individual. She will additionally assist in well timed marriage and guarantee success in endeavours. The totally different mantras for Devi Katyayani are:
Om Devi Katyayanyai Namah॥
Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayoginyadheeshwari, Nandgopsutam Devipatim Me Kurute Namah!
Om Hring Katyaynyai Swaha, Hring Shring Katyaynyai Swaha!
Hey Gauri shankaradhangi yatha tvam shankarpriyaa, tatha mam kuru kalyaani, kaantkatam sudurlabhaam
Om devendrani namasthubhyam devendrapriya bhaminiz vivaaham bhagyamaarogyam, sheeghralabham cha dehi me
Om Katyayani mahamaye, mahayoginyadhisvari, nandgopasut devi patim me kuru te namah

Devi Katyayani Worship Rituals

On the sixth day of Navratri, get up early within the morning and take a shower. Then clear the place the place the puja is to be carried out. Place an idol or an image of Devi Katyayani and carry out the Aatma Pujan. Apply a tilak in your brow. Take some water within the palm and drink it. Chant the mantra:
Om keshavaya namah, om narayanaya namah, om madhavaya namah, om govindaya namah
Then once more take water in your hand and make a want. Supply prayers to Devi Katyayani. Then provide some recent flowers to the Devi. Wash the idol in water. If it’s a image, wipe it clear. Then mild a lamp in entrance of it. Take a flower in your hand, bow to Devi Katyayani and meditate for a while. After this, worship the Devi with incense sticks and a lamp. It’s auspicious to supply honey to Devi Katyayani throughout Navratri and have some honey as prasad.

Devi Katyayani Story

The story of Devi Katyayani is of her defeating and killing the demon Mahishasura. For doing this, she is usually referred to as Mahishasura Mardini. Like all different devis, Devi Katyayani can also be a type of Goddess Shakti.
There lived a sage named Katyayan. He was an enormous devotee of Goddess Shakti. It was Sage Katyayan’s best want to have Goddess Shakti born to him as his daughter.
In the meantime, in one other place, King Rambha, the lord of asuras had grow to be infatuated with princess Mahishi, who was cursed to be a buffalo. On account of their union, the demon Mahishasura was born. As a result of particular circumstances surrounding his beginning, Mahishasura was capable of exist within the type of buffalo and asura.
Mahishasura did powerful penance to please Lord Brahma. From Brahma, he obtained the boon that no man or animal may kill him. After receiving the boon, Mahishasura went on a rampage of dying and destruction on all worlds.
A determined Devas sought recluse at Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The trimurtis concentrated their powers on Goddess Shakti and thus Devi Katyayani took type. She was born to sage Katyayan who had been doing penance to acquire Goddess Shakti as daughter. Being the daughter of Katyayan, she was named Katyayani.
Devi Katyayani grew as much as grow to be an exquisite lady. In the future, the guards of Mahishasura occurred to see Devi Katyayani. They thought she would make a superb match for Mahishasura. They instructed Mahishasura that a lot. Mahishasura, eager to accumulate the attractive Katyayani, despatched a proposal by his guards.
Devi Katyayani laughed on the proposal and mentioned that if Mahishasura may defeat her in battle, he can have her. The sadist in Mahishasura was solely joyful to oblige. A fierce battle ensued. It resulted in Devi Katyayani slaying the demon. From then on, she was generally known as Mahishasura Mardini.

Devi Katyayani Significance

Devi Katyayini destroys the negativities within the self and helps the individual take pleasure in purity and bliss. Worshipping her helps in overcoming the sensation of guilt and disgrace and lets one be simpler on himself or herself. An individual can reconnect with the inside youngster inside her or him by the worship of Devi Katyayani. This lets the individual discover happiness in life, be jovial and smile extra usually
Devotees of Devi Katyayani get their materials needs granted whereas having their karmic sins washed off from their souls. They’re blessed with child-like innocence and pure devotion. In Bhagavata Purana, it’s talked about that the gopis of Gokula noticed vrat through the month of Margashirsha and worshipped Devi Katyayani to get Lord Krishna as their husband. That is noticed by women even now to discover a appropriate partner.
It’s believed that the virgin goddess Kanyakumari is an incarnation of Devi Katyayani. Because the ruler of the Ajna Chakra, worshipping Devi Katyayani will allow the devotee to open his or her inside third eye and see issues which are incomprehensible to the human eyes outdoors. This may remodel the talents of the individual from worldly to divine.

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