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Pluto in Aquarius? Thumbs Up or Down?

Pluto in Aquarius? Thumbs Up or Down?


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There are lots of passionate feedback on my Pluto in Capricorn vs Pluto in Aquarius submit. I respect them however I really feel we’re speaking about two various things, in lots of instances.

Particularly, I see Pluto as having to do with the collective. The truth that a person can survive and thrive throughout a transit is irrelevant to what I used to be making an attempt to convey.  Let me provide you with some examples…

When Pluto transited Sagittarius, we noticed the shadow aspect of faith, most profoundly, within the priest intercourse scandals.  You, personally, could possibly be an exemplary priest. You would be strolling perfection; however you weren’t spared when the wrecking ball got here by way of.  I don’t care what number of psychological hijinks an individual would possibly wish to run with, this induced some ache and in reality, the church has by no means recovered; the impacts of this proceed to play out to at the present time.

How about Pluto in Libra? Trashed marriage. You might have had nothing to do with that in any means, form or kind… your innocence doesn’t spare you ache.  Households haven’t recovered.  How do you want your 4 Thanksgivings to attend?

Pluto is about loss of life, literal or in any other case. You don’t imply to all of the sudden die. You don’t intend this, however look what occurred in, Maui; take a look at what occurs all over the world each day.  How is an individual to keep away from this?

A distinct sort instance. If I’m proper, and we do see the shadow aspect of humanity, what would that seem like? Folks performing like animals?

Oh, Elsa! That can by no means occur!  Riiiight. It’s already occurring and contemplate the reality of human nature…

I’m not a thief!  However when I discovered myself homeless at fifteen years previous, carrying filthy, smelly denims, with a job interview to go to, I readily hopped that yard fence and stole somebody denims, drying on a clothesline.  I modified within the alley, and I used to be on my means.

Was the particular person in the home, a traditional, great particular person. Most likely!
Didn’t assist them when the power of nature got here by way of.

I believe Neptune in Pisces continues to have lots of people deluded. These forces overcome a person like a flea on the seashore, when the tsunami hits the shore.

Sorry fop hopping round the time-frame, however let’s take a look at Pluto in Capricorn within the easiest method I can consider.  Companies closed. LOTS of them, resulting from no fault of their very own. Manipulated, orchestrated, fairly clearly.  However let’s say you’re nonetheless up and working…

Are you not paying extra for the whole lot factor? Provide chain issues? Right here once more, the wrecking ball / Pluto doesn’t discriminate.

I stand by each phrase of this submit in query, in addition to all others on this matter.

Pluto In Capricorn vs Pluto In Aquarius: Not An Enchancment!

It’s a matter of understanding, it’s not about you, in any respect. I imply, you’ll be able to deal with this transit as you would like however I’m not writing about people. I’m writing concerning the chilly and cold rape of humanity; one thing proper there on the horizon; really easy to see… until you be excessive on Neptune, which can be your selection.



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