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New Moon In Scorpio — Ruby Slipper Astrology

New Moon In Scorpio — Ruby Slipper Astrology


The Scorpio New Moon (20 deg, 4:27 am EST) conjoins Mars (22 deg) and opposes Uranus Rx in Taurus (21 deg) so it connects to the surprising end result of the November eleventh Mars/Uranus opposition. 

That end result delivers an explosive new chapter that is primarily based on secrets and techniques, intense feelings or the highly effective drive to push by limits. New Moons are darkish Moons – the seeds are planted however we do not know precisely the place we’re going subsequent. It is all very instinctive as we really feel our means ahead. This Moon is powered up by Mars so step one shall be a subterranean push (of anger, assertiveness, ardour, aggression) that is radicalized by the opposition to Uranus Rx-we’re challenged to maneuver ahead, possibly extra rapidly than we need to. It is uncomfortable or we really feel so strongly about what’s taking place that we plunge into unknown waters. 

The Scorpio ethos is about extremities- taking one thing so far as it could actually probably go. Therefore the affiliation with demise, intimacy, taboo issues, purging and psychological depths. Scorpio can also be related to the phoenix- burn it down and rise from the ashes. So this New Moon has all of the hallmarks of an explosive ending and potent rebirth. 

This sounds somewhat dramatic however keep in mind that astrology can play out in smaller methods, in mundane methods. And every little thing that occurs might happen under the floor so on the skin it might look quiet whereas there’s way more taking place beneath. 

Happily, there’s additionally a deeply therapeutic trine between Neptune Rx in Pisces and Ceres in Scorpio (25 deg) hooking into this (Ceres is broadly conjunct the New Moon and Mars) so no matter occurs, no matter limits are pushed, will make room for unconditional nurturing. The cycle of mothering/development/life will movement onwards, offering aid. Maybe there shall be a brave assertion of care and safety that unfolds naturally (a trine from Neptune means you do not have to strive, it simply occurs).

Portray by William Degouve de Nuncques: Wikimedia Commons



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