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TRANSCRIPT Ep. 208 | Scorpio New Moon: Conscience and Conviction! – Massive Sky Astrology

TRANSCRIPT Ep. 208 | Scorpio New Moon: Conscience and Conviction! – Massive Sky Astrology



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Good day Invisible Pal, April right here, and the date at this time is Nov. thirteenth, 2023. Welcome to Episode 208 of the Massive Sky Astrology Podcast. This week, the Scorpio New Moon calls us to face up for our convictions and to disobey the foundations if needed. The Solar comes along with Mars and makes a rebellious opposition to Uranus. Mars connects with Neptune with extra calls to motion in a non secular sense. Mercury makes a comforting facet with Venus. And, I reply a listener query about whether or not it’s okay to make use of multiple home system once you’re decoding your start chart.

New Moon in Scorpio (Nov. 13, 2023, 1:27 am PST)

The week begins with the Moon Report and that New Moon in Scorpio on Nov. 13, 2023 at 1:27 am Pacific Time. The New Moon is at 20º 43’ Scorpio on the Sabian image 21 Scorpio, A soldier derelict in obligation. This level is in a conjunction with Mars and in opposition with Uranus, and a lot of the main facets which might be coming collectively on this chart are issues that I’ll be speaking about on this episode, and a part of the New Moon cycle that may unfold over the subsequent 28 days and in addition, over the subsequent three years.

Given the conjunction of the Solar and Moon with Mars, the warrior planet, the Sabian image for this New Moon could be very acceptable. The soldier definitely represents the Solar with Mars. However the opposition to Uranus emphasizes the rebelliousness and unwillingness to go together with the established order.

This image is usually written, Obeying their conscience, a soldier resists an order. I consider Scorpio as one of many very most conscientious indicators. It has very sturdy convictions and the opposition to Uranus could be very congruent with this soldier who’s resisting orders as a result of presumably they go towards his conscience.

This might be a New Moon when now we have to check out the orders and the foundations that we dwell by, they usually might be decided by our household, our group, the nation we dwell in, the corporate we work for. And provides some thought to if there are methods during which you don’t agree with these guidelines, how one can most successfully resist them and go in a method that basically is in accord together with your particular person ethics and conscience.

This New Moon initiates a Lunar Part Household cycle. The First Quarter on this cycle will likely be on Aug. 12, 2024, the Full Moon on Might 12, 2025, and the Final Quarter on Feb. 9, 2026. These are good dates to notice, and I embrace them additionally in my Working with the Moon workbook, which is accessible to all subscribers to my mailing listing. You could find out extra about that by going to BigSkyAstrology.com, however I deliberately embrace these dates on the finish of the workbook that can assist you observe your progress with this explicit New Moon cycle. As a result of it’s the starting of a narrative that unfolds over one month, after which over six months till there’s a Full Moon on this similar signal, but in addition over this three-year interval the place now we have first the New Moon, then 9 months later, the First Quarter, 9 months later, the Full Moon, and 9 months after that, the Final Quarter Moon, all close to the identical diploma of this New Moon, so very near 20º 43’ Scorpio.

Void-of-Course Moon Durations

Let’s have a look at the Void-of-Course Moon intervals for this week. On Nov. 13, the Moon in Scorpio sextiles Pluto at 3:03 pm Pacific Time. It’s void in fact then for about three and one quarter hours, after which enters Sagittarius at 6:22 pm. Once more, the Void-of-Course Moon intervals happen when the moon makes its final main facet to a different planet whereas it’s in its signal, after which it’s void in fact, with no course, till it strikes into the subsequent signal.

And these Void-of-Course Moon intervals, I imagine, give us a chance to actually mirror on the themes of that closing facet that the Moon makes in its signal. It’s a chance for breaking habits, for creating new habits, and for letting issues go.

This mix of the Moon and Scorpio with Pluto speaks to me of containing our feelings with a view to attain energy. There may be the problem to beat the emotional heaviness that may generally be related to the Moon in Scorpio. It’s also a chance to interrupt habits of resentment or of holding on to grudges or bitterness in regards to the previous. So, not simply hiding it in order that no person sees it, however really attempting to launch it.

The sextile facet of Pluto in Capricorn is the chance – at all times with the sextile – to achieve extra empowerment to the extent that we’re in charge of our emotions and to a point our ideas. We’ve got energy that may’t be taken away from us.

On Nov. fifteenth, the Moon in Sagittarius squares Neptune at 2:56 pm Pacific Time. It’s void in fact for a reasonably very long time, about eight-and-three-quarter hours, earlier than it enters Capricorn at 11:41 p.m. This Void of Course interval is about coming to a deeper understanding in regards to the distinction between what we all know, which is symbolized by the Moon in Sagittarius, and what we think about, which is represented by Neptune. And when the 2 come collectively in a sq. facet, it’s the sort of facet that forces us to take a special perspective. This facet on this Void-of-Course Moon interval is an invite to get out of your head and into your coronary heart. Understanding not simply our personal concepts and opinions, however the emotions that they’ll convey up, and even the emotions that they often cowl.

So let go of the necessity to at all times be proper, which could be a little little bit of an issue for planets in Sagittarius generally – letting go of that and surrendering to the chance that there may be extra in a specific scenario than we are able to totally concentrate on.

And at last, on Nov. 18th, the Moon in Capricorn makes a conjunction with Pluto at 12:27 am Pacific Time. It’s Void of Course for 3 hours after which enters Aquarius at 3:27 am. Very very similar to the Moon in Scorpio, the Moon in Capricorn desires to be in charge of its emotions. However the Moon in Capricorn, significantly because it makes this conjunction with Pluto, additionally has the potential to lose observe of emotions in favor of taking good care of enterprise on a sensible degree. Right here is a chance To convey empathy and instinct to your work, as a result of the Moon could also be in Capricorn, which likes to deal with its emotions in a reasonably sensible method, by setting objectives or getting issues performed, nevertheless it’s nonetheless the Moon. And the Moon is that beautiful, empathetic, intuitive presence. because it comes along with Pluto, it’s not at all times simple to acknowledge the entire emotions that now we have. And actually, it may be just a little bit overwhelming. So it’s okay to do your Capricorn factor And attend to some work, a guidelines, no matter it’s that you simply love to do. However don’t lose observe altogether of that lovely lunar potential to be guided via your day as a substitute of simply working via a guidelines.

Solar opposed Uranus (Nov. 13, 2023, 9:20 am PST)

The Solar opposes Uranus on Nov. 13 at 9:20 am Pacific Time, at 21º 3’ Scorpio and Taurus. This is without doubt one of the facets from that New Moon chart that speaks a lot of the rebelliousness and the willingness to go towards what we’re being informed to do with a view to observe our conscience.

The Solar’s Sabian image on the opposition is Hunters beginning out for geese. And that is the diploma that follows that soldier derelict of obligation image. Now, we see the soldier, the hunter, going out to seize geese. To me, the solar on this image signifies a fixity of goal, beginning out for a specific goal. However the opposition to Uranus nonetheless affords the chance to desert that goal, that goal, in favor of a peaceable final result, which we see in Uranus’ Sabian image, 22 Taurus, White dove over troubled waters, which is one we’ve been seeing for the final couple of weeks. We’re nonetheless ready to see the peace that may come out of this, however I believe the Solar’s opposition to Uranus is vital as a result of it requires generally pondering exterior the field or being prepared to veer from the suitable path and have a look at issues in a brand new method.

Mercury sextile Venus (Nov. 15, 2023, 4:48 am PST)

On Nov. 15 at 4:48 am Pacific Time, Mercury sextiles Venus at 7º 52’ Sagittarius and Libra. The Sabian image for Mercury is 8 Sagittarius, Rocks and issues forming therein, which in fact makes us suppose, hmm, Mercury on that image, do now we have rocks in our heads? And Venus is on 8 Libra, A blazing fire in a abandoned residence.

I believe Mercury’s Sabian image displays that opinionated high quality that we are able to generally see with Mercury in Sagittarius. And there’s the reminder right here to maintain an open thoughts. Venus image is such a gracious and comforting one. And I’m reminded of the sensation that you simply get once you come residence from an extended journey, and perhaps a pal has left the porch mild on for you, or some loving individual in your house has began a hearth to heat issues up for you. I prefer to envision our rocky minds being softened by the cordiality of dialog by that fireside. With Mercury in Sagittarius, it displays the need to be proper. And I believe the sextile to Venus says, isn’t it just a little extra necessary to discover a rapport with others?

It’s a really fleeting facet between two fast-paced planets, so we actually really feel its affect just about simply on that day, however I believe it might be a extremely pivotal one throughout every week the place there’s quite a lot of friction and folks understanding huge points. This is a chance to simply discuss issues out with those who we like.

Mars trine Neptune (Nov. 17, 2023, 12:36 am PST)

On Nov. seventeenth at 12:36 am Pacific Time, Mars trines Neptune, at 24º59’ Scorpio and Pisces. And later that morning, at 6:52 am, the Solar trines Neptune at exactly the identical levels of the identical indicators. Mars and the Solar are on the Sabian image 25 Scorpio, An x-ray. And Neptune is on Sabian image 25 Pisces, The purging of the priesthood.

Neptune symbolizes our want for readability and for purity. Mars, on the x ray diploma, helps with each of these issues and makes it attainable to rid ourselves of those that declare to be non secular leaders however are confirmed to be false. There’s a motive now we have this X-ray Sabian image right here, that sees very deep and sees via individuals and conditions to see what’s not on the up and up. And now we have each the Solar and Mars right here – quite a lot of energy directed towards this pursuit of the reality. Since Mars is such an action-oriented planet, this may also be a facet that calls us to take motion towards issues of non secular goal, towards our beliefs.

Solar conjunct Mars (Nov. 17, 2023, 9:42 pm PST)

And naturally, we all know if the Solar and Mars had been making that facet to Neptune virtually concurrently, we all know that they’re coming collectively of their actual conjunction. That occurs on Nov. 17 at 9:42 pm Pacific Time, at 25º 36’ Scorpio. And that is on the subsequent Sabian image, 26 Scorpio, Indians making camp. With this full pressure of the highly effective Solar and Mars, in considered one of its strongest indicators, we set forth to realize a aim or to overcome new territory.

This can be a very resourceful diploma. The Indians making camp symbolize the information and adaptableness to outlive in unfamiliar territory. Since that is a part of the New Moon chart, this marketing campaign for survival and progress will likely be a part of what unfolds over the approaching few years.

Listener Query: your chart in several home methods

On this week’s listener query, listener Sandra writes, “I’m evaluating my totally different natal ends in two totally different home methods. I’m entire signal and Placidus. I discover extra correct interpretations for many planets within the Complete Signal system, whereas different indicators are extra correct in Placidus. Is it acceptable to combine interpretations between the home methods to have a extra correct image of the self? Thanks.”

Effectively, thanks for the query, Sandra. I believe that I’ve made my perspective about home methods and astrology fairly clear on plenty of events, together with right here on the podcast, however on the threat of repeating myself, I’ll simply say that whereas astrologers have strong causes for selecting the home system that they do, I believe it’s smart to take homes with a grain of salt.

For those who look into the sky, you will note the horizon representing the Ascendant and Descendant. However there aren’t traces within the sky to signify different home cusps, so there’s room to experiment with a wide range of home methods, and I like to recommend doing that.

And only for a second for individuals who won’t be acquainted with what home methods even are: They’re the way in which of drawing the 12 homes of the chart, the 12 sections, separated by traces that we name cusps, and there are quite a lot of totally different ways in which astrologers can divide up the sky in these 12 sections. We name these home methods, and for those who actually wish to make astrologers get very vigorous in any sort of gathering, introduce the subject of home methods, as a result of persons are very connected, often, to the home system that they use.

As I say, there’s room to experiment with a wide range of home methods. I actually encourage individuals to do this. Nevertheless, it’s a little harmful to decide on a home system based mostly in your subjective expertise of your personal chart. What you would possibly understand as a extra correct interpretation of one thing like, say, Jupiter within the third home in a single home system versus Jupiter within the 4th home of one other might simply be as a result of different placements or facets in your chart, say you might have Jupiter in Gemini or in facet to Mercury, or Sagittarius is on the cusp of the third home, and that is only for instance.

Some astrologers, together with those that have my utmost respect, counsel {that a} planet that’s very near the boundary between two homes must be interpreted as sort of working in each homes. I believe perhaps it’s simply my Saturn in Capricorn, which likes boundaries, however I determine for those who’ve chosen a home system that you simply belief, then I believe it’s necessary to depend on it to point out you that the planet is in a single home and never the opposite, and that it selected that home for an excellent motive.

Once I was rising up, I spent quite a lot of time at my pal Alice’s home. Rather a lot. For just a few years, you may say that I virtually lived there. However on the finish of the day, I went residence and slept at my household’s home. Now, destiny might have made me a member of Alice’s household, nevertheless it didn’t, and nonetheless a lot time I spent at her home, and as a lot as I beloved being there, it didn’t make me actually a part of that household. I used to be born into the Clan Elliott for a motive, with all the teachings and influences that implies, and I have a look at planets and homes of the chart in the same method.

So, as I stated, I’m all for experimenting with home methods, however here’s what I counsel to my college students. If you’re first getting began in astrology, I believe it’s most useful to select one home system and keep it up for some arbitrary period of time, let’s say a few years.

And for a few years, watch as transits, particularly fast-moving transits of the Solar, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars transfer via the homes of your chart as calculated in that home system. So, for now, I might say sort of overlook in regards to the persona profile of a planet in a single home or the opposite, and perhaps give attention to the transits, which can shortly inform the story of which system actually resonates together with your chart.

As an astrologer in follow for greater than 30 years, I’ve settled properly right into a single home system. However for years, I saved a spreadsheet with my home cusps in 4 totally different home methods Koch, Placidus, Complete Signal, and Porphyry. And made notes of something necessary that occurred that touched off a type of home cusps with a transiting planet. In the long run, my buddies, there was nobody home system that had a 100% hit fee. And, in the end, I’ve ended up sticking with Koch, the home system favored by my instructor, and which has served me nicely for all of those years.

However I’ll say that there are occasions once I’ve been a consumer’s chart and it simply appeared to work higher in one other system. And by that I imply the issues they wrote about of their questionnaire, which all of my shoppers full earlier than we meet with one another, higher mirrored transits and progressions in one other system than the one which I exploit. And so I used that system for them.

Till you’re actually snug with astrology’s many shifting components, it may possibly get very complicated to flip backwards and forwards between home methods to search out one thing that works in each case, and in my expertise, there actually isn’t a system that works in each case. So, I’d actually encourage you to search out one and keep it up for some time. Actually examine it and watch because it responds to the shifting sky.

Thanks once more very a lot for that query, Sandra!

And for those who, Invisible Pal, have a query that you simply’d like me to reply on a future episode, simply go away a message of 1 minute or much less at SpeakPipe. com slash Massive Sky Astrology Podcast. Or, you possibly can e-mail me at April(at)BigSkyAstrology(dot)com and put “podcast query” within the topic line.

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