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Param Ekadashi: Timings, Vrat Katha, Rituals, and Significance

Param Ekadashi: Timings, Vrat Katha, Rituals, and Significance


Param Ekadashi, also called ‘Parama Ekadashi,’ is a sacred observance devoted to Lord Vishnu, extensively revered by Hindus. This vital event falls on the eleventh day (Ekadashi) of the Krishna Paksha (darkish fortnight) through the ‘Adhika Masa,’ an additional lunar month occurring as soon as each three years. Within the Gregorian calendar, this auspicious interval falls between July and August.

Parama Ekadashi 2023 is on August 12, Saturday

Devotees eagerly anticipate Parama Ekadashi. It’s believed that observing this holy vrat with unwavering devotion brings divine blessings, religious development, and the purification of the soul, promising prosperity and liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

Parana Time for Param Ekadashi 2023:

The Parana, concluding the fasting interval, must be taken after dawn as soon as the Hari Vasara interval is over. For Param Ekadashi 2023, the Parana Time is on August 13, from 6:06 am to eight:20 am.

  • Ekadashi Tithi begins – 5:06 AM, August 11
  • Ekadashi Tithi ends – 6:31 AM, August 12
  • Dawn – 6:05 AM, August 12
  • Sundown – 6:58 PM, August 12
  • Hari Vasara Finish Second – 12:59 PM, August 12
  • Parana Time – 6:06 AM August 23 – 8:30 AM August 23

Significance of Param Ekadashi:

The importance of Param Ekadashi holds deep religious and transformative worth for devotees of Lord Vishnu. By observing this sacred vrat with utmost devotion, believers search to achieve materials progress and prosperity of their lives. The quick is believed to have the facility to absolve people of their accrued sins from each the current and former lifetimes, providing them an opportunity for religious purification and development.
A profound perception related to Param Ekadashi is that it brings solace and peace to deceased ancestors. By observing the quick and performing righteous actions, devotees accumulate deserves that may be transferred to their departed forebears, offering them aid and elevation of their afterlife journey.indepth horoscope
The legend of Kubera, the celestial treasurer and the Lord of Wealth, additional amplifies the vrat’s significance. It’s mentioned that Kubera carried out this vrat with nice devotion, and as a reward for his sincerity and penance, Lord Vishnu granted him the esteemed place of being the keeper of wealth and riches. This reinforces the assumption that observing Param Ekadashi with dedication can result in divine blessings and the achievement of 1’s worldly needs.
General, the observance of Param Ekadashi is a revered and cherished event that enables devotees to strengthen their bond with Lord Vishnu, search forgiveness for previous transgressions, and usher in prosperity, religious development, and blessings for themselves and their departed ancestors.

Param Ekadashi Vrat Katha:

The Vrat Katha of Param Ekadashi revolves across the lifetime of a virtuous Brahmana named Sumedha and his devoted spouse, Pavitra. Regardless of their unwavering religion and piety, the couple was enduring the hardships of poverty. Struggling to make ends meet, they sought steerage and solace from the revered Sage Kaundinya, who was identified for his knowledge and compassion.
Upon listening to their plight, Sage Kaundinya understood their earnestness and prompt a profound answer – observing the Param Ekadashi quick through the auspicious Adhika Masa. He emphasised that this sacred observance held the facility to bestow blessings, prosperity, and liberation from miseries.
With out hesitation, Sumedha and Pavitra wholeheartedly embraced the sage’s counsel and launched into their five-day quick with utmost sincerity and devotion. Throughout lately, they engaged in evening vigils, providing prayers, and performing selfless acts of charity, all within the identify of Lord Vishnu.
Because the Param Ekadashi quick got here to an in depth, divine grace shone upon the devoted couple. Lord Vishnu, happy by their unwavering dedication, showered them with considerable blessings. To their astonishment and pleasure, the once-impoverished couple discovered themselves blessed with immense wealth, prosperity, and celestial pleasures.
The transformative energy of Param Ekadashi not solely erased their materials hardships but additionally elevated their souls to greater realms of bliss and spirituality. Sumedha and Pavitra’s lives had been endlessly modified, and so they grew to become residing testaments to the efficacy of observing this sacred vrat.
Via this inspiring Vrat Katha, devotees study the importance of religion, devotion, and the rewards that come from honest observance of religious practices. The story of Sumedha and Pavitra serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder that steadfast devotion to Lord Vishnu can alleviate struggling and result in a life stuffed with divine blessings and prosperity.

Rituals of Param Ekadashi:

On the sacred day of Param Ekadashi, devotees embark on a religious journey by observing a strict quick as a mark of devotion and reverence to Lord Vishnu. Many devotees select to chorus from consuming any meals throughout this quick, displaying unwavering dedication and self-discipline. Nonetheless, some might go for a partial quick, sustaining themselves with nourishing fruits and dairy merchandise.
The fasting ritual commences on the ‘Dashami’ tithi, a day earlier than Ekadashi, the place devotees eat a easy meal ready with out salt. This follow ensures an empty abdomen on the day of Ekadashi, signifying a pure and pious providing to the divine.
All through the day, devotees dedicate themselves to worshipping Lord Vishnu with utmost devotion and sincerity. Choices of aromatic flowers, sacred Tulsi leaves, succulent fruits, and fragrant dhoop and incense create an environment of divine sanctity. Chanting the revered ‘Vishnu Sahastranaam,’ a thousand names of Lord Vishnu, and delving into the sacred verses of the ‘Vishnu Purana’ are thought of extremely auspicious acts that convey religious upliftment and divine blessings.
Because the evening falls, the air resonates with the mellifluous tunes of bhakti songs and heartfelt bhajans in temples and houses alike. Devotees come collectively to immerse themselves within the ecstatic celebration of their devotion, in search of the divine presence of Lord Vishnu.
One other vital facet of this sacred observance is the act of providing donations to Brahmins. Devotees consider that this charitable act is extremely gratifying to the divine, and it additional accentuates the purification of the soul and the buildup of deserves.
The observance of Param Ekadashi is a robust demonstration of the devotees’ dedication to their religious journey and their unshakable religion in Lord Vishnu. It supplies a possibility for people to hunt forgiveness for previous transgressions, cleanse their hearts, and delight in divine grace. Via these practices, devotees aspire to expertise religious development, divine blessings, and liberation from the cycle of delivery and dying, paving the best way for a life stuffed with prosperity, peace, and everlasting bliss.
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Advantages of Param Ekadashi:

The observance of Param Ekadashi Vrat is believed to bestow a plethora of religious and worldly advantages upon its devotees. Via this sacred vrat, devotees search divine blessings and the grace of Lord Vishnu, that are mentioned to result in prosperity and wealth of their lives. The quick’s energy to purify the soul is taken into account exceptional, as it’s believed to cleanse devotees of their previous sins, liberating them from the cycle of rebirth and guaranteeing a path towards salvation.
Some of the profound rewards of observing Param Ekadashi is the promise of reaching Vaikunth, the celestial abode of Lord Vishnu. This divine realm is believed to be a spot of everlasting bliss and transcendence, the place devotees can bask within the love and presence of their beloved deity.
This revered observance is seen as a legendary act of devotion, symbolizing the devotees’ dedication and dedication to Lord Vishnu. By sincerely observing Param Ekadashi Vrat, believers can strengthen their bond with the divine and entice the blessings and love of Lord Vishnu, guiding them in direction of a life stuffed with religious development, contentment, and divine grace. The vrat’s significance lies in its means to uplift the devotee’s soul, bestow materials abundance, and pave the best way for a spiritually fulfilling and auspicious life.


In conclusion, Param Ekadashi stands as a revered and cherished observance for devotees of Lord Vishnu. Its significance lies within the profound religious and materials advantages it bestows upon the devoted. By earnestly observing this sacred vrat with unwavering devotion and sincerity, believers can open the doorways to prosperity, religious development, and divine grace of their lives. Via the purging of previous sins and the promise of reaching Vaikunth, the celestial realm of Lord Vishnu, Param Ekadashi gives a path towards liberation and everlasting bliss. This cherished custom serves as a robust reminder of the devotees’ dedication to their religious journey and their unwavering love and reverence for Lord Vishnu.

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