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The Energy of Shamanic Sound Therapeutic

Shamanic Sound Therapeutic is any mode of organized sound which facilitates the transmutation of power within the physique. Widespread modes of this therapeutic work embrace singing, chanting, gongs, singing bowls, flutes and whistles.

Sound therapeutic works by means of frequency. The cells of our our bodies are at the moment vibrating at a given resonance because of our bodily, emotional and psychological habits. The ideas we expect, the substances we ingest, the feelings we maintain, specific or repress, the experiences we dwell by means of and the environments we dwell in all have an effect on us at a mobile degree. These components can go away long-lasting traces of themselves, remaining in mobile reminiscence for days, weeks and even years.

Delicate Planes

What’s held in mobile reminiscence isn’t simply accessed by therapeutic intervention of the aware thoughts or bodily medicines. We might consider ourselves to be utterly healed of a specific trauma on the emotional or bodily degree, but our cells are nonetheless holding onto the expertise, “satisfied” that the traumatic state of affairs continues to be occurring. In such a case, shamanic modalities like sound therapeutic could be tremendously helpful, because the sound can permeate the mobile aircraft of the physique, catalyzing transmutation of power upon the refined aircraft of frequency.

The reverberation of rigorously chosen tones permeating our cells, tissues, muscle tissue, bones and mind can yield very exceptional outcomes each as to bodily power and the extension of consciousness. Our cells reply instantly to the adjustments within the magnetic area of the room when such sound is launched, and this catalyzes adjustments in our nervous system, emotional state and bodily our bodies. On the religious aircraft, sound remedy directs the currents of power within the aura, cultivating the chakras and the channels connecting them, which could be skilled similar to muscle tissue.

This phenomenon occurs by means of entrainment. When you press and maintain down the important thing of a piano gently sufficient that it doesn’t sound, after which concurrently strike one other key, the primary key will sound on the similar be aware because the second, even when they’re octaves aside. That is entrainment. When a chance is created, one vibration will entrain to a different in order that each reverberate on the similar frequency. In shamanic sound therapeutic, the affected person is put into a light-weight trance or deeply relaxed state in order that when the sound is launched, the cells of the physique will then entrain to the frequency of the sound.

Primordial Frequencies

You will need to notice that though we hear sound by the use of ears, we are literally bathed within the sea of the vibration that’s sound on a regular basis— even when our ears or minds don’t register it. The sound which strikes upon our eardrums is simply a small half of the particular sound vibration, and it’s this higher half which is putting each upon one’s physique and upon the encompassing surfaces. To the peculiar individual this will appear meaningless, however to the religious seeker that is fairly an vital consideration.

As we encounter a given be aware, our auras are infused not solely with a sound however with a frequency, for every be aware is a sonic expression of an archetypal power. A frequency isn’t a static entity, however a mode of operation, a method of being, a personality, a state of change or tendency in motion. Due to this fact its manifestations are innumerable as it could flip up in any and all spheres of life exercise.

We might encounter the self-same frequency by means of completely different organs of notion or schools of thoughts. A frequency can manifest as a sure shade to the eyes, a sure sound to the ears, a sure temper within the emotional school, a sure drugs within the plant kingdom, a specific quantity, image, gesture or deity in a ceremony, or a sure mode of consciousness, notion or relating in a given state of affairs. The frequency which represents visually as GREEN as a shade additionally has a manifestation within the mineral kingdom and within the celestial zodiac; there’s a be aware which is the sonic mode of this frequency, and this frequency additionally corresponds in esoteric psychology to a whole mode of consciousness, high quality of concept and area of life expertise. We’ve all felt the possession of one among these archetypal modes, as if we’re being worn as a garment by some primordial agent taking motion by means of us; that is the expertise of entraining to a given frequency.

Thoughts-Physique Connection

As we introduce a frequency into the power area, it creates adjustments in consciousness, which in flip creates adjustments in our bodily physique or circumstances.  As we enter the “portal” to the dimension of a sure frequency, we will translate it on bodily, emotional and psychological ranges. Relying on how we’re translating the frequency, we could also be initiated right into a sure philosophy or method of thought; we might have a revelation by means of an epiphany or a imaginative and prescient. We might uncover a deeper degree of feeling or emotion that we had been unaware of, get well misplaced reminiscences, or really feel refined, almost bodily sensations like heaviness, buzzing, floating, spinning, warmth, chilly, and so forth. All of those are other ways our auras translate, “metabolize” or combine the frequencies which are infusing into our fields by means of the automobile of sound.

These completely different results have been studied and interpreted because the outcomes of various mind wave states. Scientists have noticed that sure actions appear to transpire when sure mind wave states are induced by means of sound. Beta states correspond to rest, Alpha states correspond to therapeutic, Theta states to encounters with the Greater Self and religious consciousness, and Delta to deep sleep.

This precept of sympathetic resonance or entrainment is the important thing to all magical, ritual and shamanic work, all metaphysical therapeutic and all esoteric research. Easy practices like meditating upon a shade or buzzing a sound have far reaching penalties. Quantity and timbre additionally have an effect on the frequency which is carried into the physique. Experiment how completely different pitches, devices, vowel sounds, volumes and octaves have an effect on your thoughts, coronary heart and physique.



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