Home Astrology Understanding Mercury Retrograde: Navigating Astrology’s Most Misunderstood Phenomenon

Understanding Mercury Retrograde: Navigating Astrology’s Most Misunderstood Phenomenon

Understanding Mercury Retrograde: Navigating Astrology’s Most Misunderstood Phenomenon


For those who’re studying this then chances are high you’ve already heard of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury is the planet of communications, aka the messenger of the Gods, and as much as 4 occasions a yr seems to go backwards from our vantage level right here on earth. It’s an optical phantasm however it’s crammed with symbolism.

After centuries of testing out this concept, astrologers all agree; Mercury retrograde brings confusion! It additionally beings second possibilities and occasions to rethink, revise, revisit and redo something an all the pieces.

And it’s retrograde proper now!

So I although I’d create this submit to assist make clear and simplify the idea of Mercury retrograde for higher understanding.

What’s Mercury Retrograde?

In easy phrases, as a result of the planets all transfer across the Solar at totally different speeds, from time to time, they seem like going backwards within the sky. Astronomically what you see is the planet shifting backwards by way of the levels of the zodiac. Astrologically, what you get is further room for misunderstandings, do-overs and repetition.
What Mercury retrograde ISN’T is it’s not unhealthy luck or a time of misfortune or something to worry. Mercury is – amongst different issues – the planet of communications, journey and transport – for instance, so something to do with these topics can go haywire beneath this cycle. One examine reported within the New York Instances discovered that extra aircraft baggage did certainly go lacking throughout Mercury retrograde however this cycle is extra prone to trigger confusion and errors than something inherently unhealthy. (I really co-wrote a ebook about it – click on right here!)

The Astrological Jargon Unpacked

One factor which does journey individuals up about Mercury retrograde is the jargon. For instance, there’s the retrograde itself however earlier than that we get the pre-shadow part and after it we get the post-shadow part. In a nutshell, this considerations itself with the levels when the retrograde begins and ends, how far again Mercury retrogrades in a cycle and at what diploma of the zodiac it must be for the entire cycle to be over.

This isn’t actually that difficult or technical upon getting your head across the thought of Mercury retrograde however it’s not one thing that it is advisable to fear about once you’re beginning out. (Once more, for those who’re curious, see my ebook!) – Key Phrases Defined: Outline phrases usually related to Mercury retrograde (e.g., pre-shadow, post-shadow, stationing).

One other little bit of jargon you may hear is about Mercury “stationing” or “going direct”. The primary refers to when the Mercury retrograde cycle is in regards to the begin or end and the second is mainly the other of Mercury retrograde; when Mercury goes direct, the retrograde is over.

So Why Do Individuals Wrestle Throughout Mercury Retrograde?

For a begin, some individuals flourish beneath this cycle. For those who had been born when Mercury was retrograde, chances are high this cycle fits you! For one more, Mercury retrograde has a foul identify and generally it turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy – something unhealthy which occurs, individuals blame on Mercury retrograde!

Nonetheless it’s true to say that there will also be points when Mercury is retrograde not least as a result of there may be misunderstandings which result in upsets. And there may be breakdowns of issues like telephones and vehicles which result in frustrations. But it surely will also be used to your benefit. Something you wish to UNDO is less complicated to backtrack on, when Mercury is retrograde, for instance.

The very last thing to say is that each Mercury retrograde has a barely totally different flavour and can have an effect on you in several methods. For instance it is likely to be Mercury retrograde in your Cash Zone which may carry confusion re money or may imply that cash you’re owed lastly turns up, for instance. Or it is likely to be in your Love Zone and your ex abruptly reappears.

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