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Venus in Scorpio-Ardour and Battle-Dec 25-Jan. 18th

Venus in Scorpio-Ardour and Battle-Dec 25-Jan. 18th



Venus strikes into Scorpio on Dec. twenty fifth   and it’s an stricken transit because of  a trine from Rahu in Pisces that may improve sensual and sexual craving and a the tenth home sq. from Saturn in Aquarius  The Rahu trine can   improve spending and sensual indulgence however at all times feels good.   The Saturn sq. can stability a few of these energies out however when it’s actual on Jan. 1, it could dampen enjoyable at your N 12 months’s half and create some unhappiness for Libra and Taurus rising.

Venus in Scorpio shall be passionate but additionally able to being unbiased and has a variety of adolescent power and a love of journey, creative creativity, and public talking.  It’s a 2nd home transit for Libras which can deal with household and funds and a 7th home transit for Taurus which may carry up a brand new relationship or journey.

Scorpio is an intense signal of the zodiac and has many blind spots and Venus in Scorpio might expertise some.  Blind spots for Scorpios embody having bother making modifications round work house and relationships as a set signal and being too usually full of emotional upheavals and being too manipulative to keep away from l and this results in being controlling. Scorpios should learn to open their hearts with out ambition or concern or management!

Ketu is the co-ruler of Scorpio which is the pure home of transformations, errors, lack of consciousness, and previous karma. Every planet within the eighth home exhibits our unawareness and previous errors so it represents core blind spots in our life that our soul has. It is sort of a manufacturing facility error in our life that we’re blind to once we purchase it.   Planets positioned in Scorpio naturally get related to previous lives and core-level blind spots.

Scorpio teaches us that our authentic mistake is the identification with the physique because the self when it’s so far more as Ketu and the eighth home remind us of our mystical internal Divinity and generally we’re prompted to do that by going via the eighth home challenges like divorce, acute sickness and litigation to keep in mind that life is a lot greater and so we could be prompted to find God.

Venus enters the constellation of Anuradha (Scorpio 3.20-16.40)  Dec 27-Jan seventh . Prash Trivedi reminds us that the constellation of Anuradha is related to Mitra, the God of Gentle and this transit can awaken one’s connection to the Divine. This could enliven and awaken religious life. In the event you had been born November 19 – December 2nd and have your Solar right here, you’ll have a powerful religious inclination, which shall be enlivened by this transit.  Anuradha signifies good luck to those that have been following dharmic paths and are true devotees of God. It’s related to networking, friendship, goodwill, and partnership.

Saturn’s possession of this constellation can carry nice teachings of cosmic truths in case you can lean to maneuver to the best stage of data of duty for the planet and self-realization.

 Venus strikes into the constellation of Jyestha (Scorpio 16.41-29.59) Jan. 7-Jan 18th.    Jyestha is a slightly sexual constellation related to Indra who was punished for his sexual escapades and dalliances by being cursed with having 1000 vaginas placed on him.  Venus is Jyestha will carry out Venus’s sexual nature and should develop into overindulgent and suppose that intercourse is the penultimate expertise in life this might result in unwise relationships and sad conditions so you should definitely tread rigorously in case you are tempted to attach with somebody for enjoyable at a celebration.


( Particular due to all my academics and Komilla Sutton and Prash Trivedi for his or her data of the nakshatras)

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